As of 2015, Uber requires that every driver fill out an Uber vehicle inspection form and have it signed off by a licensed mechanic. Please see below for a copy of this form. All you have to do is bring it to a licensed mechanic, have them inspect the car, take a picture of this and upload it to your Uber dashboard to be reviewed by and the Uber staff. Please note that the Uber vehicle inspection sheet varies by city and state, so make sure you are using your city specific sheet. Rideshare is not liable for any time wasted if you bring in the wrong Uber inspection sheet – this is just for reference.


In order to have your car registered with Uber, you must bring the Uber vehicle inspection form into a licensed mechanic and they will conduct a multi-point inspection on the car. If you fail any one of these items, you can get the vehicle fixed and re-inspected. I suggest taking your vehicle to a reputable mechanic, as nationwide chains could potentially see this as a way to force you to fix items that aren’t otherwise broken (not an accusation but speaking from experience). I.e. if you don’t fix the problem and pay us to do it, we will fail your car’s inspection. Just make sure to have everything running properly prior to the inspection and you will be fine. Most places only charge $20 or so for the inspection anyway. And while you are on our page, check out our other promotions!

Uber inspection form for Uber inspection form feature

As always, at Rideshareowl we aim to be your best resource for all things rideshare, and if you have any questions on the Uber Vehicle Inspection Form feel free to email us at rideshareowl@gmail.com!

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