On Thursday, a San Fransisco federal judge has reached an agreement between the plantiff and defendant in a class action lawsuit against Uber for fees charged between January of 2013 and January of 2016. Uber charged riders an extra fee on each trip to subsidize their background check process.

However, the case specifies that the background checks were not sufficient because they did not include a fingerprint check as required from taxi drivers. Up to 25 million drivers were charged up to $2.3 for this fee, and as part of the settlement Uber will change the name of the fee to a “Booking Fee, previously a “Safe Ride Fee”.

Uber seeks to be the safest mode of transportation in the industry, but no system is perfect. As every Uber driver knows, they undergo a detailed third party background check that screens for any criminal activity in the last 7 years.

The company has said they they are glad to put this lawsuit behind them so they can continue to focus on both driver and rider safety, which will be ever important as they expand into new markets on a weekly basis.

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