Uber Promo Codes for Existing Users

At Rideshareowl we have your best interests in mind so if you are looking for an Uber promo code for existing users we have you covered! The Uber promo code for exiting users can be used on your first, second, or even hundredth ride! So keep reading and you bet we have ways for you to get free rides, even if you are an existing user!

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The Uber Promo Code For Existing Users

If you are an existing Uber user and want an Uber code, look no further! We have compiled the best ways to get free Uber rides for existing users. Don’t worry, we aren’t like the other guys who will make you search for the code or play games. We have the existing Uber user code right on this page so you don’t have to look! We also have Lyft ride codes if you don’t have the app. If you are an existing Uber rider looking for free codes, keep reading!

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Existing User Uber Codes

To claim your existing Uber user ride credit, simply hand out your own personal referral code or download a competitor’s app. Those are the best ways to get rides because the only Uber promo code for existing users that is currently valid is to hand out your code. But if you are an existing Uber user looking for more free Uber rides, use that method! If that is still not enough for you, download the Lyft app and you’ll receive your first ride free. See below for details. And if you are happy with the Uber referral code for existing users, feel free to tell us on our email page!

More About The Uber Existing User Promo Code

Again, most Uber promo codes are only valid for the first ride but if you use your own Uber promo code you can receive free Uber rides! To find this, go to “payments” on the home screen and you will find a combination of random letters and numbers. Hand this out to prospective riders and once they take their first ride you will receive your Uber ride credit for existing users! Also, the Uber promo code for existing users is unlimited in the amount of rides you can receive so start handing it out now! Just remember that the existing user Uber promo code cannot be promoted through any paid method of advertisement.

What Is Uber?

According to Wikipedia, Uber was founded in 2009 to provide an alternative source of transportation from Taxis. Founded by Travis Kalanick and Garrett Camp, the company matches drivers and riders through a mobile phone app. The app’s dispatch software matches the rider with the closest driver and the rider is able to see the driver’s ETA), car, and contact information. All payment is processed through the app’s electronic payment feature and the driver and passenger can rate each other on a scale of 1-5.

1. Check Out An Uber Competitor

If you like Uber, you will definitely like Lyft. Similar to Uber in that the app matches a driver and rider via smartphone, existing Uber users can now switch and use both apps. If you act now, you will receive your first Lyft ride free.

Lyft logo against pink background with cartoon car for Lyft promo code feature


Lyft was founded in 2012 by Logan Green and John Zimmer to compete with the likes of Uber, which it has done very successfully based on the $2 billion of funding it has received from investors including General Motors, Carl Icahn, and Third Point Capital.

Lyft’s application is very similar to Uber in that the rider requests the ride through a mobile phone application in which their credit card is on file. The closest driver receives the request and then they are matched, at which time a rider location with directions will appear on the driver’s screen and an ETA with picture of the driver and car will appear on the rider’s screen.

Lyft continues to rapidly expand and is showing no signs of slowing down. In their latest round of funding, they received $500 million from General Motors to begin testing on autonomous vehicles. Many in the transportation believe that driverless cars will become the transportation of the future, and with practically unlimited funding it appears that only the sky is the limit.

Lyft has a presence in 30 states in the United States as of 2015 and continues to rapidly expand into new cities as the months go on. The “sharing economy” is a new type of economy in which members pool together resources to make things more efficient. Lyft has taken this idea and run with it in the transportation industry, and has positioned itself for entry into related industries, such as food delivery (DoorDash, for example).

How Lyft Works

Lyft is similar to Uber in that the driver and app user are matched through an app and all payment is handled internally.

Request – Drop the “pin” by setting the pickup location and the friendly driver will be on their way in no time

Ride – Your driver’s ETA will be displayed on your screen and one the driver arrives, simply tell them the destination and they will take you there in their personal vehicle!

Pay – Use an electronic payment source that is already on file – Paypal, credit or debit card all work!


Although we go into much more detail here, driving for Lyft is a rewarding experience that can help boost your daily earnings. Most drivers we talk to drive with both Uber and Lyft, and because there are no rules against doing so, you can have both apps open at the same time. Just make sure to close one of them once you receive a ride! If you are interested in driving for Lyft, here are a few requirements:

Lyft Requirements

If you are a current Uber driver you likely meet the Lyft driver requirements, but here they are for your reference:

Lyft Driver Requirements
– Pass a background check
– Have a valid Driver License and be at least 21 years of age
– Must have auto insurance policy (coverage varies by city) with driver’s name clearly listed on the insurance policy

Lyft Vehicle Requirements
– Have 4 doors
– 2004 or newer (city specific)
– A/C, windshield wipers, lights, horn, all function properly
– Clean vehicle title – no salvage or rebuilt allowed
– In-state plates issued by local DMV
– Undergo and pass a background check


Chances are one of your friends does not yet have Uber, and if they download the app and input our exclusive promo code you wil receive a credit for your first free Uber ride! Uber was founded in 2009 to compete directly with taxi services and has since expanded into over 350 cities in 58 countries around the world! Although competitor Lyft is gaining ground, Uber continues to be the premier ride sharing service. Drivers use their personal vehicles and riders and drivers are matched in a mobile phone app that tracks the driver’s ETA, calculates fares, and also processes the payment. According to MADD, once Uber enters a city, the drunk driving rate visibly improves. We think this is because Uber is so accessible, and driving drunk is no longer an attractive option because an Uber ride is inexpensive and efficient.


Uber logo on grey background with black shadow for Uber promo code feature

Once you have downloaded the app, take the following steps to claim your FREE UBER RIDE! The ride will show up as a credit in the “payments” section of the app. Any charge over the pre-determined free ride credit will be paid for by our personal payment method set up at account set up.

Claiming Your Free Uber Ride
1. In either the Google Play or the Apple App store, select “Uber” and begin downloading

  1. 2. Once the app has been successfully downloaded, use the menu on the left-hand side to enter a promo code under “promotions”

    3. Make sure to enter a payment method – this can be Paypal, a debit card, or credit card

    4. When prompted, input the promo code to receive your free Uber credit. For more info about riding with Uber, click here


With UberPool, you are given the option of splitting your Uber ride with others:

1. Request an Uber ride by clicking the button on the home screen
2. Hit “split fare” when you can at the bottom of the rider screen
3. Put in the names and phone numbers/email addresses of your fellow riders

Each of the people you input in step 3 will be asked to split the fare. Please note that you will be responsible for each of their portions of the ride in addition to yours if they decline to participate in UberPool.



UberX – UberX is the original Uber platform and is the “low cost” option. Rides are in cars like a Acura TL, Honda Accord, and Toyota Prius.

UberBLACK – Meant to mimic a chauffeur service, luxury cars like a BMW 5 series, Benz C300, or Lincoln Towncar are used (and the only color allowed is black, hence the name Uber Black)

UberSUV – Uber SUV is meant to transport large groups of people in cars such as a Chevy Tahoe and Suburban.

UberLUX – UberLUX takes UberBlack one step further and gives rides in cars such as a Maserati and Bentley. This service is not available in many cities due to the cost of the car and ride

UberXL – All vehicles in this category must have at least 7 seatbelts and is similar to UberSUV except it is not restricted to SUVs. Many drivers have minivans such as a Chrysler Town and Country, too.

UberPLUS/UberSELECT – Just like UberBlack, this service uses upscale vehicles like a Benz C300 and BMW 3 series, but they can be 3 colors – black, grey, or silver.

We hope you have enjoyed our article on using an Uber promo code for existing users and we also hope you will use the tips for increasing earnings as an Uber driver to your benefit. If you have any questions or concerns feel free to email us at rideshareowl@gmail.com!

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