Uber Promo Codes [The Complete Guide]

 Are you looking for an Uber promo code? Maybe you are just looking for more information on the most popular ridesharing app to date. Either way, you can rest assured we have you covered with the most recent Uber coupons, information on the app, and free ride credit information.

Uber and Lyft are constantly competing for market share and the best way to grow the business is to offer referral bonuses. By offering these incentives, the goal is that riders will try Uber over Lyft. Every driver and user receives an Uber promo code that gives the new user a discount on their first ride and the person referring either cash or free ride credit.

These coupon code programs have helped both apps grow at record rates. So capitalize on this growth  by using one of our Uber promotion codes below!

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Earn up to $50 in Lyft ride credit

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To receive your free Uber ride credit, simply enter the code above  into the Uber promo code section at signup and you will receive one free ride credit that you can use on your first ride! Please note that the free Uber ride credit will vary by city and time of sign up. Any amount listed is for reference only and the credit can be revoked by Uber at any time without notice. Now that we have gotten the disclosure out of the way, we have also compiled a comprehensive guide for riding with Uber, brought to you exclusively by Rideshareowl.com

Claiming Your Free Uber Ride Credit
1. Go to the Google or Apple App store and download the Uber rider app
2. The app will walk you through account setup – simply input all required fields
3. Enter our exclusive Uber promo code (at the bottom of the page) when asked to input a promo code

4. Take your first Uber ride using your credit!

The Uber Promo Code

It is no secret that Uber plans on taking over the taxi market share and is already in over 60 countries worldwide. With such ambitious expansion plans, Uber is offering free ride credit for new users who input an Uber promo code at signup! Each time Uber enters a new city, both rider and driver bonuses are usually raised to attract new users. In fact, Uber continues to expand internationally and if you have plans to travel the Uber ride promotion is just what you need to save big on ground transportation. All Uber rider promotions are in the form of free Uber ride credit. The bonus varies by city but in most cases new users can expect to receive between $5 and $50 in free Uber ride credit which is good for 12 months unless otherwise specified in the “free ride” tab on your app.

    Uber Ride Credit Promotion

Best Uber Promo Codes: 


Earn Up To $50 In Uber Ride Credit! (Amount Varies By City)

New Uber users are the only ones eligible for the credit, but all riders seeking the Uber ride credit must meet a few requirements which we have listed below. Please also note that existing drivers are not eligible for the bonus and new users must input the Uber promo code; Failure to do so will disqualify them from the Uber ride credit promotion.

Tips on using your Uber promo code:
– Spread the word about the Uber ride code!
– The more friends that use our code for free rides the better! Especially if you carpool often
– Check out our free Lyft ride codes as well
– Make sure to rate your driver well – you used a free Uber ride credit after all
– Plan to use your free Uber ride credit on a longer ride. Don’t waste it on a short ride!
– The Uber ride credit is good for 12 months unless otherwise specified
– The Uber promo code terms are subject to change and is not guaranteed

Getting the most out of your own Uber referral code:
As an Uber user, you are given an Uber promo code to refer others to the app. Each time you refer a new rider, you will receive a free Uber ride credit. This free Uber ride credit is in the form of ride credit and is valid for 12 months unless otherwise stated. We have a more detailed write up below but make sure to hand out your code so you can increase your free Uber rides! To find your Uber promo code, click “free rides” on the home screen of the app. Your Uber referral code is the unique string of letters and numbers that identifies you as a rider in order to get free Uber ride credit!

While we have found most Uber users are between the ages of 20 and 30, there are an increasing amount of business travelers using Uber promotion codes in their daily commute. Airports have largely lifted bans on Uber at airports and users find that the Uber promotion code covers their entire ride to the hotel or convention center. After using an Uber promo code, riders often see the value of the app and ditch taxi cabs altogether. And with huge new user bonuses along with lower prices, they would be foolish not to. So if you have not yet downloaded the app, do so with our Uber promotion bonus and earn Uber credit today!

What Is Uber?

According to Wikipedia, Uber was founded in 2009 in response to a lack of good transportation methods outside of taxi cabs. The app’s dispatch feature will match the rider with the closest driver and the rider is able to see the driver’s (and even share their ETA), car type, name, and contact information. All payment is processed via electronic means that is on file through the rider’s account. The process is easy, efficient, and riders typically enjoy the comfortable and clean personal vehicle they ride in.

Why Use Uber?

Uber has gained popularity in the last few years because they are reliable, punctual, and generally less expensive than other transportation modes. In our experiences with taxis, the dispatcher seemed to be guessing as to when the taxi would show up. Uber shows the nearest drivers, and once you request the ride the app updates the driver’s ETA in real-time. Upon arrival, the driver is friendly, conscious of the passenger’s needs, and the vehicles tend to be well-kept (because the drivers use their personal vehicles). You can even use an Uber promo code for a free ride credit! The New York Times has a very good article for the benefits of using Uber which is worth a read.

Cities With Current Uber Promotions

New York City
The yellow cab may be a staple of transportation in New York City, but does a cab company give you a free ride just for trying out their service? Nope! So use an Uber promo code and you will receive a free first Uber ride  and you can immediately begin seeing the Statue of Liberty, the Lipstick Building, or swinging by Shake Shak in Central park for a peanut butter burger. Yum!

Los Angeles
Home of the rich and famous, Los Angeles has been a tourist destination since it was founded in 1781. Whether you are walking down the Hollywood Walk of Fame, casting spells at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Studios, or seeing Mickey Mouse at Disney Land, you can be sure that your Uber ride credit with an Uber promo code will get you there.

Tourist activity is sure to increase in the home of the 2016 Super Bowl champions. With a variety of both indoor and outdoor activities such as catching a fly ball while watching a Rockies game at Coors Field, watching dolphins swim at the Downtown Denver Aquarium, or seeing the champions yourself at Sports Authority Field, you are sure to have a good time. And while you are in Denver, you may as well check out all that the mile high city has to offer!

San Fransisco
Often called the home of ride-sharing, both Uber and Lyft were founded here, which is why it comes as no surprise that the company continues to give free Uber credit to new riders using an Uber promo code. Take a cable car, view sea lions at Fisherman’s Wharf, or see where infamous gangster Al Capone resided on Alcatraz Island. Whatever you decide, you are sure to have fun in the Sunny State.

What’s not to love about Boston? Explore the JFK Museum for a glance into the life of the iconic 35th president of the United States. Or try Utopia, a staple flavor of the Sam Adams Brewing company, who was the first company to introduce craft brews. Whatever you choose, if you use an Uber promo code, you will be one step closer to your destination, all without spending a dime!

Common Uses For Uber

Since Uber was introduced in 2009, people have latched onto the service and used the app for a safe ride home. We have observed from the people we talk to that most drunk driving incidents begin because driving in your own car is most convenient. However, with the introduction of Uber, getting a ride home has never been easier. In fact, according to MADD, reduces drunk driving incidents in the cities in which Uber operates. Talk about making a difference in the world! Now, if you use an Uber promo code you will receive one free Uber ride credit!

A few common uses for Uber

Pros And Cons Of Using Uber

The Good

– Driver picks you up in clean and well-maintained vehicle
– Your ride arrives on time
– Payment processed electronically – no need for cash
– Uber is in so many cities that you don’t have to worry about getting a ride
– The company offers free first Uber rides if you use an Uber promo code!

The Bad
– Surge pricing is technically uncapped
– Depending on data plan, you may use lots of data
– Surge pricing goes active during popular riding times
– Your Uber ride credit using an Uber promo code is only good for the amount offered in your city

Requesting Your Uber Ride

Uber uses GPS and Wi-Fi to determine your pickup location. You also have the options to enter an exact address or search for a location by tapping on the pickup location bar. Uber also recommends entering your ending destination in the bar underneath the pickup address so your driver knows where you are going before they pick you up.

Select from the available vehicle options (i.e. Uber Black, UberX, or Uber XL) by using the slider at the bottom of the map screen. Tapping on any of the icons will display fare rates for that specific option. After you have set your location, hit “request UberX” to request the ride. Make sure that if you are a first time rider, you input an Uber promo code  for your ride credit.

Now Available – Uber For Apple Watch

One of Uber’s main goals is to make your riding experience as efficient as possible. That’s why they have released an app for the Apple Watch. Now you can request a ride, track the driver’s progress, and pay, all without ever taking your phone out of your pocket! If you are using an Uber promo code you will not be able to view the credit on the watch – you must open the mobile app for that.


There are three main types of Uber rides availabe: UberX, UberXL and Uber Black. Each of these three options are available to choose from once the app is opened, and there are a few difference between the three:

1. UberX – UberX is Uber’s flagship brand in which ordinary drivers use privately owned cars to give people rides. The idea of the UberX is to be a casual ride which the rider can sit in the front seat, similar to a friend picking you up from the airport or from the bar. Most users with an Uber promo code use it on this platform because rides are less expensive.

2. UberXL – Uber XL is a large vehicle alternative to UberX and you can even use your Uber promo code for large groups! Using cars such as Ford Explorers, Chrysler Town and Countries, or even Chevy Suburbans, Uber XL is similar to Lyft Plus in that the car must have over 6 seats with seatbelts in order to quality, and this is a much more efficient ride because more passengers can split the ride.

3. UberBlack – Uber Black was created as an alternative to car service. Using a livery registered black sedan, these rides are more like a chauffeur in which the driver dresses up in nice clothes and the cars are high-end vehicles such as BMW, Mercedes, etc. This service also gives the rider an option to select a luxury SUV such as a Cadillac Escalade or Lincoln Navigator. Your Uber promo code is good for all Uber platforms, but you will likely have to pay an additional fare because UberBlack rides usually have a minimum of $25 and can easily exceed your ride credit depending on the city and distance traveled.


Uber Cities


Although news headlines seem to always point out violent attacks and sexual assault cases, Uber actually has a very good safety record. First, you must realize that Uber is in more than 58 countries, so there are going to be incidents that even the most stringent safeguards cannot prevent. However, each new Uber driver that signs up must undergo a very strict background check taht screens 7 years back for any criminal activity and checks both county and state Department of Motor Vehicle records, sex offender registries, and also many other databases. If you would like further information on how to stay safe as an Uber rider, check out CNET’s post on ride-hailing safety.

Uber Requirements


UberX – The original Uber platform, UberX offers rides in cars such as a Prius, Honda Civic, and Toyota Carolla

UberBLACK – With services tailored toward business travelers, UberBlack attempts to rival car service using black luxury vehicles such as a BMW 5-series, Mercedes C300, or Lincoln Towncars. The goal is to provide a professional ride that mimics a chauffeur and makes you feel like you are in the lap of luxury

UberSUV – Designed for large groups, UberSUV drivers provide rides in vehicles such as a Chevy Suburban, Chevy Tahoe, and Cadillac escalade, among others

UberLUX – The ultimate Uber experience, although not available in very many cities, is UberLux. These are rides in cars like a Bentley, Escalade ESV, and top of the line Mercedes.

UberXL – Similar to an UberSUV, UberXL offers vehicles that have more than 6 seat but are not necessarily and SUV. A town and country or Toyota Sienna are examples of an UberXL. These are great for large groups and must have at least 7 total seatbelts.

UberPLUS/UberSELECT – With cars like an Audi A4, Mercedes Benz G-Wagon, or BMW 535i, UberSelect is like  UberBlack, but cars can be black, grey, or silver.


An Uber driver works for their income by shuttling around passengers, and they are rated on a 5 star scale based on the rider’s experience. The rider rates the driver at then end of the ride, and the drive rates the rider. If either parties were not satisfied with the ride, they can rate 3 stars of less and then Uber’s dispatching system will never match the two again. Also, you both have a chance to leave feedback so when Uber reviews the ride, they can see how the rider and driver did and address any issues if they arise. If you use your Uber promo code to receive  free Uber credits, you will likely rate your driver higher and if they did a good job make sure to let them know. A compliment goes a long way!


Technology is not perfect, and you may have to contact your Uber driver with changes or any special requests. To do so, tap the arrow beside their information on the main screen and you will have an option to call or text the driver. When the driver reaches your destination, they also have your contact information and may call you with any questions. Sometimes, the rider and driver see different locations from when you drop your pin, as technology is not perfect. In this case, if they inform you that they are at your location but you do not see them, consider calling or messaging them just to make sure you are on the same page. This way you will have a better chance of getting rated 5 stars by the driver. And with an Uber promo code you should be happy to give the driver a five star rating!


Things in life change quickly, and Uber realizes this. If you have to cancel your ride for whatever reason, you have up to 5 minutes from your first request to cancel. Anything beyond this and you will be assessed a cancellation fee to compensate the driver for his time and resources spent enroute. If anything, try to make sure you are not wasting the driver’s time. Although gas is inexpensive now, the minimum ride fare for an Uber ride is hardly over $3.5 now, so if the driver spends a lot of time enroute just to have you cancel, their time could be better spent elsewhere on a rider who actually is serious about the ride.

*Please note that UberPool may have different restrictions on ride cancellations that very by city.


An Uber ride will be priced on a few factors: Base fare, cost per minute, cost per mile, and a safe rides fee. Please note the Uber free ride credit from the Uber promo code will be applied to the entire ride as a whole

Base fare – A flat fee charged at the beginning of the ride

Cost per minute – How much you’re charged for each minute you’re inside the ride

Cost per mile – How much you’re charged for each mile of the ride

Safe Rides Fee – A flat $1 fee (Not included for UberBlack and UberSUV)


At this time, it’s not possible to request more than one ride from a single account.

If your party cannot be accommodated by a single vehicle, have multiple people in your group request rides. Uber offers vehicle options accommodating up to 6 people in many cities.

If no one else in your group has an Uber account, you can invite them to sign up from the main menu of your app. Or, you can use our Uber promo code for FREE Uber ride credit!


With UberPool, you can split your fare with other riders that you may know. In order to split the fare:

  • Request the Uber
  • Select “Split Fare” on the bottom of the app
  • Input the names/ phone numbers of the riders you will be splitting the fare with

The riders you input in step 3 will be asked to confirm your request to split the ride

Each fare will be divide equally. Please note that if an invited rider declines your invitation or does not have a valid card on file, you will be charged for their portion and your portion of the ride

Please note that the Uber promo code credit can only be used on your portion of the ride if you choose to split it

Want more free rides? check out our Lyft promo code page here!


Expense info on iphone with blue background for uber promo code feature

With Uber for Business, you will never have to hassle with employees turning in receipts again. Uber has expanded on its legendary ride-sharing platform to create a platform on which employees can use to travel. Billing for all employees is centralized, you can designate one employee for all ride approval, and using Uber for Business is generally more efficient.

Only in-policy trips are allowed; the account manager will set pre-determined criteria for trips and the account will not be charged if employees decide to use the company account for personal use.

Sound like something you are interested in? You can visit the Uber for Business link here.


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Where can I learn more about driving for Uber?
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Can I use my Uber Promo code immediately?
What is the farthest an Uber will take me?
I already have Uber. Do you have any other promo offers?
How long will the Uber driver wait for me?
When can I use my free Uber ride credit?


Driving for Uber can be a profitable business opportunity, and if you enjoy driving and meeting people than driving for Uber will give you the opportunity to make money on your watch. Uber drivers make their own hours and can drive as little or as much as they would like. It is very easy to get started, and for more information you can click the picture below to get started, or see our detailed write-up under “promotions” for our detailed Uber driver promo code.



Prius with money flying out the window for Uber Driver Promo Code Feature

Thank you for taking the time to visit our site. We hope you have learned valuable information about how to get a free Uber ride credit by using our Uber promo codes. If you have any questions feel free to reach us at rideshareowl@gmail.com.

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