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Business Insider compares ridesharing services to a semi-pro taxi service, and when you sign up now you can receive a huge Uber signup bonus using our exclusive Uber driver promo code! As your ultimate resource for everything sharing-economy related, our awesome staff has assembled the best driver tips, news, and of course current Uber promotions.

Uber partners use their own vehicles to make money on their own schedule. An added bonus is that new drivers who sign up with our exclusive Uber driver promo code will receive a huge cash referral incentive after completing a set number of trips. So if getting paid just to start driving sounds enticing then you should wait no longer and apply today using our Uber driver promotion code!

As an Uber driver, you will meet new people and with the most current Uber driver promo codes right here, there is no reason to delay your application. Signing up to receive the Uber driver signup bonus is easy, so read on for more information – we think you will be glad you did. Driving for Uber pays well and is fun, so apply today!

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**It’s very important to input the Uber driver invite code at signup or else you will not receive your bonus**

The Uber Driver Promo Code

The most overlooked aspect of driving as an Uber partner is the new driver bonus and using one of our Uber driver promo codes is the best way to jump start your earnings. With an Uber driver signup bonus, you will be immediately rewarded after hitting a set number of trips. By entering the code you are simply activating the current Uber driver promotion for your city.

Claiming Your Uber Driver Bonus

Current Uber Driver Promotions

Unlike Lyft, there is no expiration for the Uber driver bonus. And once you hit the pre-determined number of rides you will receive a huge cash bonus. While the Uber new driver bonus varies by city,  you can expect a bonus of between $500 to $1,000 in new cities and if it’s a saturated market the bonus ranges from $25 and $500.

PLEASE NOTE – While the Uber driver promotions are the highest they have ever been, the bonus varies by city and time of sign up. So the Uber driver promo code will allow you to receive the bonus after a set number of rides, but the bonus amounts fluctuate based on rider and driver supply and demand. Read on for our average bonus findings based on our Uber driver sign up bonus market research and current driver interviews.

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To claim the bonus:
– New drivers must enter the Uber driver promo code at the beginning of the application
– Following the link will not automatically input the Uber driver promo code so make sure to enter it on the first page of the application
– Uber drivers are not eligible for the bonus without an Uber driver promo code
– The driver must  pass a background check
– The Uber driver signup bonus will be applied to your paycheck after reaching between 10 and 50 rides

More Uber driver promo code fine print

Using your own Uber driver referral code
As a driver you are given an Uber driver invite code which can be given to others. New drivers that sign up with your Uber driver referral code will receive a huge amount as a referral bonus. New riders using your Uber driver promo code are eligible for up to a $50 Uber ride credit upon signup. Both users must enter your Uber promo code at signup and the terms of the current Uber promotions are subject to change. But the more you give out your Uber driver promo code the more you earn! So get started now by going to the “promotions” tab where you will see your Uber driver promo code


The Uber signup bonus for drivers can be used in any city in which Uber operates – to use the Uber driver invite code, simply follow the directions above. The Uber new driver bonus varies by city but each code on our site is valid in every city with a promotion bonus. To find out more about the current Uber driver promotions, please visit your local Uber driver website. The Uber driver promotion is a great way to increase your earnings and the good part is that it never expires. So once you use the Uber driver promo code, you can wait a month or even a year and resume driving. This way you are able to earn the Uber driver invite bonus on your own time.

Uber driver benefits for Uber driver referral code special


Uber offers the driver promo code so you can hit the road with their app. As stated earlier, the Uber driver referral bonus does not expire like its competitors driver bonus. Therefore, you are able to hit the road whenever you want and if it takes you a year to hit your goal, you will still receive your new Uber driver bonus. The promo is a great way to recruit new drivers and we think the Uber driver bonuses are rad. If you are a user but want to earn a huge cash Uber driver promotion sign up now! Depending on your city, you can earn big; so sign up now and make sure to input an Uber driver invite code for ultimate earning potential.


While ridesharing is flexible with driver schedules, there are a few Uber vehicle requirements and Uber driver requirements that you must meet in order to sign up as a driver; these Uber driver requirements and Uber vehicle requirements are industry standard and ensures both rider and driver safety. In addition to these basic requirements, you will also need a Smartphone with a data plan. The average driver uses between 2 and 3 gigabytes of data per month, but if you plan on driving regularly please consult your wireless provider to tailor your data plan to your specific needs. Please see below for the Uber driver requirements and Uber vehicle requirement.

Uber Vehicle And Driver Requirements


According to TechCrunch, Uber is a ride-sharing service that was started in 2009 in San Fransisco by friends Travis Kalanick and Garrett Camp in an effort to make daily commutes more efficient. Uber matches ride seekers and drivers via a mobile-phone based application. Drivers use their own personal cars and are free to drive as many or as few hours as they want. In our experiences, the riders are pleasant and the drivers enjoy meeting new faces along with the extra spending money they can make with just a few hours of work. Uber is also a great networking tool according to Forbes. Uber also creates incentives for drivers to sign up in new markets by creating an Uber driver promo code that gives drivers a cash signup bonus for completing a set amount rides after sign up. Uber is also adding jobs to the US economy year after year.


Uber wants you to drive and for a limited time they are giving you an additional cash bonus just for singing up as a driver when you use referral code uberon2016 at sign up. Below are just a few of the cities with high cash bonuses and constant demand from riders. Here is a complete list of cities in which Uber operates, both in the United States and over 57 other countries as of February 2016, and you can bet this list will continue to grow as the company taps new funding sources and organically expands its operations. See the cities below which have the best Uber driver promo codes and new driver signup bonuses.

With a Uber driver promo code bonus, Boston is at the top of the list for best cities to be a new Uber driver. Whether riders are catching a Red Sox game at Fenway Park, re-visiting Paul Revere’s famous ride to the Old North Church, or going aboard the USS Constitution, you can be sure you will never be left waiting for someone to catch a ride.

San Francisco
Ride sharing originated in the Golden State and Uber makes sure to reward new San Francisco drivers with an unheard of Uber driver invite bonus. The Golden Gate Bridge, Fisherman’s Wharf, and Lombard Street are just a few tourist destinations that will ensure you stay busy day and night and keep making money!

Washington DC
Whether or not you see the President at the White House, Washington DC is last on the list for best cities to drive for Uber. As of today, the Uber driver promo code bonus is huge; which is more than enough to jump-start your trips taking to drivers to and from the International Spy Museum, the Thomas Jefferson Memorial, or the National Air and Space Museum.

Austin has again made the list for best places to be an Uber driver, partially thanks to events like SXSW, constant demand from areas such as the SoCo District, and also the University of Texas at Austin. With such high demand Uber has an impressive Uber driver invite bonus  for new drivers, so why not sign up and increase your earnings!

Another great city in which to drive is Seattle. With plenty of tourist activities such as the Space Needle, Woodland Park Zoo, and Seattle Great Wheel, you can bet that Uber has a great sign-up bonus of $250 for new drivers, and Seahawk and Mariner fans alike will continue to provide a steady stream of income in your pocket.

Denver International Airport recently began allowing Uber to pick up riders at the airport, and there is no better way to begin making money than with a Uber driver invite bonus. As a hub for multiple airlines, there will be no shortage of riders needing rides to Mile High Stadium for a Bronco’s game or to get home from the SoCo Nightlife District.

Again, these offers are valid for only a limited time so make sure to sign up now with Uber driver promo code UBERON2016 and start driving to pocket some major cash.


Uber was started by Travis Kalanick and Garrett Camp in San Fransisco in 2009 to solve the problem of overpriced taxi services. While it took a while to catch on, smartphone usage continues to increase every day. In fact, in a study done by Heidi Coehn, 65% of US smartphone users check their phones within 15 minutes of waking up.

Both Kalanick and Camp realized the potential for a smartphone-based transportation app and were able to create a product that matches ride seekers with drivers via a mobile application. Now worth $51 billion and operating in over 300 cities in 58 countries, Uber is the world’s largest ride-share app currently availble, and we have found the new driver bonuses are the highest with Uber over any of its competitors.


Do you have extra free time? Do you want to use an asset you currently own and increase your income? Do you enjoy meeting a wide variety of people? If you answered any of the above questions, then driving for Uber is something that you should consider. And for a limited time, you can receive a massive Uber driver signup bonus using our exclusive Uber driver promo code.

The benefit of driving for Uber is that you make you own schedule. Have some free time before or after work? Just turn on the app, give a ride, then continue with whatever you were doing before. It’s that easy! You are considered a contractor (i.e. not a direct employee of Uber) so you are your own boss. Drive as little or as much as you would like. Uber will give you a gross paycheck, which means you have to pay both you and your employer’s portion of Social Security and Medicare taxes.

Uber growth chart vs other ground transportation for Uber driver promo code feature

As you can see, Uber is one of the fastest growing modes of transportation and it is unlikely that during this generation we will see another company innovate as quickly as Uber has done with the transportation industry. Now is a once in a lifetime opportunity to become part of a growing industry and establish yourself as a power player while there is still time. Use our Uber driver promo code for a chance to earn your Uber driver signup bonus!


Signing up to drive for Uber is easy. First, you fill out an application with your name, payment information, and of course Uber driver promo code (to receive the Uber driver signup bonus), and then wait until they process the background check. In the meantime, take your car into a licensed mechanic and have them fill out the Uber vehicle inspection form (see below). Finally, you will meet with your local Uber ambassador and he will activate your account – simple!


The Good

– Surge pricing is technically uncapped
– Uber is well-known, so you will likely stay busy
– Payment processed electronically – no need for cash
– Uber has built a very usable driving platform
– Limited time Uber driver promo code can get you an Uber driver cash bonus

The Bad

– Depending on data plan, you may use lots of data
– Put miles on your car which can add to depreciation expenses


UberX – The original Uber platform, UberX offers rides in cars such as a Prius, Honda Civic, and Toyota Carolla

UberBLACK – With services tailored toward business travelers, UberBlack attempts to rival car service using black luxury vehicles such as a BMW 5-series, Mercedes C300, or Lincoln Towncars. The goal is to provide a professional ride that mimics a chauffeur and makes you feel like you are in the lap of luxury

UberSUV – Designed for large groups, UberSUV drivers provide rides in vehicles such as a Chevy Suburban, Chevy Tahoe, and Cadillac escalade, among others

UberLUX – The ultimate Uber experience, although not available in very many cities, is UberLux. These are rides in cars like a Bentley, Escalade ESV, and top of the line Mercedes.

UberXL – Similar to an UberSUV, UberXL offers vehicles that have more than 6 seat but are not necessarily and SUV. A town and country or Toyota Sienna are examples of an UberXL. These are great for large groups and must have at least 7 total seatbelts.

UberPLUS/UberSELECT – With cars like an Audi A4, Mercedes Benz G-Wagon, or BMW 535i, UberSelect is like  UberBlack, but cars can be black, grey, or silver.


Vehicle Requirements


Compared to similar driving opportunities available, on average Uber pays better, is more flexible with scheduling, and has lower barriers to entry (i.e. no Commercial Driver License, or CDL required). A driver in an average city who stays online all night should easily bring home at least a few hundred dollars per night. Surge Pricing also becomes active around peak demand times, which means you can make 2, 3, and even 4 times the base fare rate. Uber will take a 20% commission on your earnings which will be used to pay for advertising and maintaining the app. Uber even provides additional incentives to drive in the form of an Uber driver promo code that gets you an Uber driver signup bonus.

Average earnings per hour vs ground transportation for Uber driver promo code feature

Sound like a good deal? We will make it even better because if you input Uber driver promo code UBERON2016 on signup, you will be eligible for an Uber driver bonus!


Good news! If you have a black luxury car such as a BMW, Jaguar, or Mercedes, you  may qualify for additional income through the Uber Black program. Uber has crafted its brand around professionalism, and this newer program delivers just that. Popular with business travelers, Uber Black is similar to car service but uses more modern and better kept cars, often for rates less than car service. Black is similar to UberPlus in that you will receive a luxury car experience for a fraction of the price. Uber Plus is pretty must the same thing as an Uber Black, just any color luxury car instead of a black car. And the best part is that the new Uber driver signup bonus you can receive using the Uber driver promo code is also good for Uber black.

Black audi against sun-looking background for uber driver promo code feature

Eligible Vehicles


While you must carry an auto insurance policy, the good news is that Uber provides a liability insurance policy to you, free of charge. As long as you are giving a ride, the policy provides you coverage so there is no need to worry about an accident- you are covered.

There are three stages to an Uber ride: Available, Enroute, and On Trip. When you are Available, you have the app activated but have not yet received a ride request. During this time you are afforded Liability insurance if your personal auto policy does not cover you.

Next, while you are in driver mode but waiting for a trip, the Uber insurance policy provided to you covers up to 50k in injury, 100k total, and 25k in property damage.

while you are Enroute and On Trip, you are covered up to $1 million in Liability and $1 million in uninsured/underinsured Motorist Injury after a $1,000 deductible. For your reference, Uber has created a chart to summarize these benefits, which you can find below.

Commercial Auto Liability – Covers bodily injury and damage to third parties and passengers

Contingent Comprehensive & Collision – This is extended insurance coverage on top of your personal policy

Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist – This covers bodily injury to passengers and third parties for damages caused by an uninsured or underinsured motorist

Contingent Liability – This covers a driver’s liability for bodily injury and/or property damage of either passengers or third parties

Uber insurance for rideshare drivers in different phases of trip for uber driver promo code feature


After you start driving, you have just a couple requirements to keep your account active. First, you have to accept at least one tripe every 30 days. Second, you have to do an annual inspection on your car – this means taking the Uber vehicle inspection form into a mechanic and having him fill out the 19 point inspection form (see above). That’s it! These requirements are simple, and ensure that Uber’s fleet of both cars and drivers remains active.



Uber passengers tend to be very friendly and considerate of both your time and vehicle. Riders understand that you are taking time out of your day to give them a ride and if you are nice to them, smile, and give them an overall pleasant experience then in most cases they will leave a good review and some may even tip you. As a rule of thumb, if you can carry on a conversation with the passenger and even throw in a few jokes, you will give the passenger a good experience.


The pay structure varies by city, but a typical driver should be able to bring home at least a couple hundred dollars per night. The drivers we have talked to typically say they make the most money during evenings on weekdays and then mornings and nights on weekends. Remember, Uber automatically deducts 20% of the fare, but this is reasonable considering there are no hidden fees.


You are your own boss so you set your own hours. Most drivers we have spoken with have full time jobs so they work evenings and weekends. As stated above, surge pricing becomes active when demand exceeds drivers available, and we have found this is usually between 8pm and 9pm (when people start going to the bars) and then again from 12:30am until an hour after bars close. Surge Pricing can earn you anywhere from 1.5x to 4x the base fare, so it pays to stay out late!


  • 1. Fill out a driver application on the Uber website

    Go to https://get.uber.com/drive and submit your application. In order to get your cash bonus, MAKE SURE TO ENTER Uber driver promo code UBERON2016 under “invite code” and once the application is complete and you complete your required rides, the cash bonus will be applied to your account

  • 2. Get your car inspected

    Uber requires a preliminary and then annual car inspection at an authorized maintenance facility. This ensures your car meets basic safety requirements such as working seat belts, functioning brakes, operating headlights, etc. This inspection is approximately $25 and can be done at any maintenance facility, although I personally think Jiffy Lube has the most availability.

    Uber Vehicle Inspection Form
  • 3. Pass a third party background check

    The background check is a simple process that takes about a day to complete. You will fill out some personal information and give consent for a third party to run a background check to make sure that in the last 7 years you have none of the following:

    – Driving without insurance or a license
    – Reckless driving convictions
    – Any other criminal activity
    – DUI or drug-related offenses

  • 4. Meet with your in-city Uber representative

    Once the background check comes back, you will have to meet with your local representative. The meeting place is ususally at a Satellite office and the meeting only takes a few minutes. The rep will verify your car is as you represented it, give you a few pointers, and then you can start driving as soon as they activate your account, which is usually right after you leave the meeting


As we have outlined above, there are multiple different options when driving for Uber. UberX, UberXL, and Uber Black are all variations of the popular ride sharing platform that has made Uber famous. We have outlined the typical pay structure for UberX, Uber Plus, UberXL, and UberBlack. As you can see, the pay largely varies on the cost of the car (i.e. a Mercedes will cost more than a Prius, so the driver will have to be paid more for his time and services).

uberX uberSelect UberBLACK
Base Fare $0.80 $5.00 $8.00
Per Minute $0.21 $0.40 $0.45
Per Mile $1.10 $2.35 $3.55
Minimum Fare $4.00 $10.00 $15.00
Safe Rides Fee $1.00 $1.00 N/A


According to Cnet, a couple lawsuits against Uber may change the face of the ridesharing business. As a contractor, you are not a direct employee of Uber, even though Uber sends you money each week. A contractor is defined by Marriam Webster as a person who is hired to perform work or to provide goods at a certain price or within a certain time. For Uber drivers, this means that you are just hired for a specific time. The argument that Uber has been making is that because you set your own hours and your own schedule, they should not have to provide benefits to the drivers. Uber has a valuation of over $60 billion as of 2016 and drivers want a piece of the pie. However, many are of the opinion that if drivers do not like the pay they should go do something else. There is a fine line here, but if you drive for Uber you should plan on paying 100% of both Medicare and Social Security tax. Right now, there are a couple of lawsuits in California, which does not have a law specifically addressing this issue, so it will likely be decided by a jury. Stay tuned on our news page for more information.


In order to help you maintain your vehicle, Uber has created the Momentum Rewards program! As an Uber partner, you will be eligible for discounts on various products, but namely maintenance services, at participating businesses.

Health Insurance Partners

One of the best features of Momentum is that Uber has partnered with Stride Health to offer a “recommendation engine” to all driver partners at no cost.

Drivers are assisted in comparing health insurance options and finding the best plan to fit their demands.  The experience has been customized for Uber driver partners to be as user friendly as possible and can usually be completed in less than 15 minutes. Stride Health will also assist drivers in using their coverage throughout the year.

Discounted Maintenance Services

Momentum extends steep discounts of up to 15% at brand name auto maintenance shops like AutoZone, Firestone, Maaco, Meineke, Midas, Jiffy Lube and Valvoline. This discount varies by retailer, but commonly can be used for tires, services such as oil changes, tune-ups, and much more!

Wireless Plan Discounts Are Extended To Families

Discounts on participating wireless plans start at 15% and can even be extended to an Uber partner’s family! Talk about working for you!

For more information on the Uber website, click here.


From time to time you may encounter an Uber rider who has had a little much to drink. Although you may have used an Uber Driver Promo Code, you will not be happy if the rider gets sick in your car. First, you have the right to refuse any ride. Simply cancel the ride, note the reason in the app when asked, and move on. If your car is blocked in, make sure to keep your windows up and doors locked.

If the rider has already entered your vehicle, make sure to pull over into a well-lit area so your safety will not be compromised. For more info, see our “dealing with an aggressive rider” post under the Driver Tips tab.



As an Uber driver, you probably are looking to increase your earnings as much as possible and are wondering, “what are the maximum hours I can drive for Uber?”. In the transportation industry, you can only work a maximum of 8 hours driving before you have to sign out for the day. After you go offline, you MUST wait 12 hours before going online again. So basically, you have an 8 hour window from the time you first go active in driver mode until you must log off and take your 12 hour rest period. Supposedly, if the app is open fore more than 12 hours Uber will reach out to you via a text sent automatically through the dispatching system, but we have talked to drivers who have worked more than 12 hours and never received a text. We highly condone this, though, because you are putting yourself at risk by willfully breaking the laws.


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Thank you for taking the time to view our website and we hope you learned about the Uber driver requirements, Uber vehicle requirements, and will use some of the information provided. If you have any questions about the Uber driver promo code or the Uber driver signup bonus, feel free to contact us at rideshareowl@gmail.com!

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