2016 Memorial Day Uber Promotions

Summer is fast approaching and that means Rideshareowl has you covered with 2016 Memorial Day Uber codes! Memorial day is one of the best holidays to kick back and relax with a nice cold drink, but you shouldn’t also have to worry about how you are getting home. When you use one of our Memorial day Uber Promotions, you will be able to relax and sip as much “drank” as you want! So kick back, relax, and enjoy your holiday because we will worry about your ride. Memorial Day falls on Monday, May 30, 2016 so make sure you are prepared for free 2016 Uber Memorial Day ride credit!

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Memorial Day Uber Promotions

Holidays are a great excuse to spend time with friends, family, and have fun. Leave the Memorial Day Uber ride codes to us! With the Uber ride code you will receive up to $50 in Uber ride credit, and you should use it on Memorial Day! Using our Memorial Day Uber promotion code is easy – simply download the app, enter the Memorial Day Uber code, and receive up to $50 in free Uber ride credit on your first ride! The Uber code is valid for 12 months unless otherwise specified and the promo amount varies by city. But you can rest assured you’ll get only the most recent code for use on Memorial Day!

Using Your Memorial Day Uber Promo Code

As stated above, it’s easy to receive your Memorial Day Uber ride code. Simply download the app in the Google or Apple store, use the Memorial Day Uber Promo, and you will receive your first ride so you can get rockin! When you use the Uber free ride on memorial day, you will not have to worry about getting where you need to go. Please keep in mind that the 2016 Memorial Day Uber promo is only valid for new users and cannot be claimed if you are an existing user. If you want a free Uber ride on Memorial day 2016, you can use your Uber invite code to sign up a new rider and you’ll both receive a free Memorial Day Uber ride up to $50!

Where Can I Use My Memorial Day Uber Ride Code?

Uber has operations in over 400 cities in 6o countries and the Uber Memorial Day promotion is good in any of them! Please note the city in which you live must be running a current Memorial Day Uber ride promo. Although most cities run the Memorial Day Uber promotion, some may not and the promo amount will vary by city. The Memorial Day Uber credit ranges between $10 and $50 but you can expect the company to be on the high end of the range! The Uber Memorial Day ride credit is a great way to enjoy your holiday and kick back and relax!

    Free Memorial Day Uber Promotion (New Users Only)

Use Uber promo code: 2SEO

Get home safely with up to $50 in Uber ride credit

What Is Uber?

Uber is a ridesharing service founded in 2009 to be an alternative to the taxi. The riders and drivers are matched through a smartphone app and all payment and ride info is processed internally. There are always special codes and with the 2016 Memorial Day Uber code you are sure to use it again! Uber runs promotions on all holidays and has even provided an exclusive Memorial Day Uber promotion code UBERON2016. So use the code and get rollin!

Thank you for taking the time to read about the Uber Memorial Day promotion codes. If you have any questions or want to learn more about getting a free Uber ride on Memorial Day 2016, please feel free to email us with any questions at rideshareowl@gmail.com!

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