Lyft Vehicle and Driver Requirements

If you want to make extra money on your own terms driving for Lyft is a great way to do so, but make sure you meet the Lyft vehicle requirements and Lyft driver requirements! The Lyft vehicle requirements are pretty easy to meet as we describe below, and the Lyft driver requirements are also moderately easy to meet. These Lyft requirements ensure both driver and rider safety, so please read carefully before proceeding! Once you decide you can meet both the vehicle and driver requirements for Lyft, check out our driver sign up bonus page for a huge sign up reward!

Lyft logo against pink background for current Lyft vehicle requirements featureThere are two requirements you must meet in order to drive for Lyft. First, you have to meet the Lyft driver requirements. These are pretty industry standard no matter what city you are driving in and the screening goes back 7 years. The Lyft vehicle requirements, however, can vary by city. We have assembled the standard vehicle requirements for Lyft, but please note that these are general, and in select markets these may vary. So read on for the Lyft vehicle and driver requirments!

Lyft Driver Requirements
– Pass a background check
– Have a valid Driver License and be at least 21 years of age
– Must have auto insurance policy (coverage varies by city) with driver’s name clearly listed on the insurance policy

Lyft Vehicle Requirements
– Vehicle must have 4 functioning doors
– Vehicle must be 2004 or newer, specific to your city
– Air conditioning, heater, windshield wipers, turn signals and lights must all function properly
– Must have a clean title (i.e. no salvage or rebuilt)
– Must have in-state license plates
– Pass a 19 point vehicle inspection during the mentoring session and using a Lyft driver invite code

Lyft Smartphone Requirements
     iPhone 4 or later
     Android devices running Jellybean or later

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And if you meet these requirements, you will also be eligible to drive for Uber! Check out those requirements over here. You will have to get a vehicle inspection, however, which can be found on the Uber vehicle inspection page.

As you can see, both the Lyft vehicle requirements and Lyft driver requirements are pretty standard and really are not that hard to meet. So get started now and begin earning huge fares!

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