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Are you looking for a Lyft promo code? Or maybe you want to learn more about the semi-pro taxi you can hail from your phone. You came to the right place because we have just what you are looking for.

Lyft and Uber have been competing relentlessly and each company is racing to grow as fast as possible. In the process, both companies discovered the best way to grow is by offering incentives so new users can try out their app.

As part of this battle, Lyft is currently offering new users referral bonuses worth to $50 in ride credit when they apply a Lyft promo code during the signup process.

If you’re looking to claim this promotion, then check out the table below. Simply sign up using one of our codes, and the free ride credit will automatically be applied to your account before you take your first ride.

December 2016 Lyft Promo Codes:

Code Amount User Type
WWS  (click to claim) Up to $50 New Users
RIDERPROMO  (click to claim) Up to $50 New Users
CAMPUSCODE  (click to claim) Up to $50 New Users

The codes listed above are working as of December 10, 2016, and we will check on and update them regularly. If they don’t work, shoot us a message and we’ll take a look.

Using Your Lyft Promo Code

Redeeming your $50 Lyft ride credit is easily done. First, download the mobile app in the Apple App or Google Play store. Next, input a Lyft promo code on the Payment tab.

Finally, claim the ride credit within 30 days by simply requesting your first Lyft ride – the app will automatically apply the credit towards your balance. It’s as easy as that!

Lyft promo code instructions for free Lyft coupon feature

A Lyft promo code will grant you anywhere between $15 and $50 so use your free ride credit wisely.  The average Lyft ride is between $13 and $15 so save your coupon code for a longer trip.

If you have $50 in free ride credit but only take a $10 ride, the remaining amount vanishes. Make the most of your Lyft promo codes by using them during rush hour or at bar close! Remember the bonus is valid even during Lyft Prime Time.

To receive even more free ride credit, see our section below to learn how to use your own Lyft promotion code.

Some things to remember when using your Lyft ride code:
– The Lyft promo code expires on a predetermined date
– You must enter a valid e-payment method
– The Lyft promo code must be entered before your first ride
– Lyft’s free bonus terms can be changed at any time
– A Lyft referral code is city-specific, not coupon-specific

Where To Claim Your Free Lyft Ride Credit

You can enter the Lyft coupon code in any city the company operates. While the app is already popular in over 400 locations, the list continues to grow.

The Lyft promo code travels, so if you enter it in San Diego and then request your ride in Chicago, you are covered.

Lyft continues to gain market share over Uber by using both strategic partnerships and free ride codes so claim your ride while the market is still hot!

Lyft coverage area in united states for Lyft promo code featureInterestingly, an increasing number of business travelers utilize our Lyft promo code. Companies often give employees a travel stipend and they use our free Lyft ride credits to pocket their per-diem pay.

Are you a business traveler? Then use our Lyft promo code to earn even more money while traveling!

Choosing The Right Lyft Coupon

Lyft ride codes are city specific, not code specific. Whether you enter WinterRide2016, LyftWinter2016, or any of our other top Lyft promo codes below, you will receive the same promotion.

While this has confused some past users, the current Lyft promotion will always be listed on your local city’s Lyft webpage. Please make sure to check this before entering a discount code.

So the answer to this question is simple – there is no wrong code to use! But make sure to always check back because we constantly update our site with the most current Lyft ride codes so you can never go wrong with us.


Why Do Lyft Coupons Exist?

Lyft promo codes exist for one reason: growth. The Valley’s informal motto is, “Growth first, profits later”. Once market share is established by offering huge promotion bonuses, the company figures out a way to monetize the idea.

The rideshare industry is a multibillion dollar industry and handing out Lyft promo codes is the quickest way to capture market share. Users who get free Lyft coupons will share the idea with friends and help give Lyft an edge over Uber.

Current promotions range from $10 to $50 in free ride credit and those using a Lyft promo code earn the free bonus being offered in their city.

Bunny with car and funny slogan on purple background for Lyft free ride code feature

Earn Unlimited Free Lyft Ride Credit

Ridesharing is here to stay and because Lyft relies heavily on free promo codes, future growth is limitless. Capitalize on this growth by referring others to the app! As a Lyft rider you will receive a unique promo code that you can give to others. After taking their first ride you will both earn free Lyft credit.

This referral program has helped the app gain popularity and as a result, investors have poured huge amounts of money into the company to fund future growth. With rapid expansion plans for the next couple years, the app will continue to offer free rides through use of a Lyft promo code.

Capitalize on this growth by handing our your Lyft promo code at bars, school, or even concerts to earn free rides to anywhere you want! While companies like Waze are growing, we believe the rideshare industry will begin to consolidate.

Although Uber is considering a merger with Lyft, there is plenty of competition around to keep the bonuses flowing.

Creative Ways To Use Your Lyft Referral Code

The most clever place we have ever seen someone put their Lyft promo code is on a fake parking ticket. The recipient may not be too happy but at least you know they will read it.

Plus if they don’t have the app and use your promotion code, you will receive a free Lyft ride credit in the process. Other riders put their promo code on business cards they buy on Vistaprint (super cheap)!

The possibilities are endless and the only way you cannot promote your Lyft referral code is via paid means like Google Ads.

 Before downloading the app, please remember the Lyft promo code simply opens the door for new users to earn the ride credit currently being offered in their city.

You can sign up with any valid promotion code and you will always receive the current incentive. To put it simply, the Lyft user bonuses are city-specific, not code-specific.

Lyft Coupons Vs Uber Coupons

Lyft is a fierce competitor to Uber and both companies offer ride discount codes. New users who input a Lyft promo code at signup are eligible to receive up to $50 in free ride credit.

Uber users can receive the same incentive, but the amount is only around $15. Uber has a much larger user base and the reason for the higher Lyft new user bonus is to convert users to the app. What we have found is that Uber users try Lyft because of the $50 ride credit.Lyft logo against pink background for current Lyft promotions featureIn our city, Lyft is not as established as Uber but many of our acquaintances have at least tried the app because of the free Lyft ride credit. The major difference between the two, however, is the referral bonus. Lyft offers $20 to drivers who refer new users to the app while Uber only offers $5.

We think that this strategy will pay off big for Lyft, who at the time of writing is still the underdog in the ridesharing game.

Earn Thousands Using Your Lyft Driver Promotion Code

If you are a driver looking for more ways to earn using a Lyft coupon, then look no further than the driver promo code. As a driver, you are given a referral identifier just as you did with the Lyft promo code.

Give this code to new drivers and earn between $25 and $1,000 each time a new driver signs up to drive. Sound too good to be true? It’s not, but you’ll have to work for it. Post your Lyft invite code on social media or just talk to others.

If you do not feel like recruiting new drivers then use your Lyft coupon code and earn up to $20 each time a new rider downloads the app. We have found most people have Uber but Lyft is still coming around.

So post your code on business cards and leave them in bars – chances are someone who is tired of Uber Surge will see it and download the app quickly. That’s an easy $20 for you and they receive up to $50 in free Lyft ride credit. Below is an example of a Lyft  bonus that was being run at the time of writing.

Lyft referral 2

What Is Lyft?

The concept of Lyft is simple- to connect drivers with passengers in the most efficient way possible. Drivers using their own cars will pick the rider up and deliver them to their destination in the the most efficient manner possible. Lyft is a semi-professional taxi service that bills itself as a “friend with a car”.

The best reason to use Lyft is that through use of our Lyft promo code, your first ride is either free or heavily discounted. Lyft has a presence in 30 states in as of 2015 and continues to rapidly expand into new cities as the months go on. Your Lyft promo code will not only help you earn free Lyft ride credit but will also likely get you hooked on the app.

How Lyft Works

Request – Request the ride by opening the app and setting pickup location. First time riders should see the above Lyft bonus code process prior to requesting
Ride – The friendly Lyft driver will come to your location in their own personal vehicle promptly, and you will be able to track their progress through a real-time ETA feature on your app
Pay – By using the card you have on file from when you set up the account, you will be able to pay your base fare and even tip the driver if you so choose. Of course, you will have used your Lyft promo code which means your first ride will be discounted, if not free!

lyft app picture for lyft promo code feature

Want More Lyft Rides?

Lyft has recently cut its fares to absurd levels but as a rider you still want something free. We have outlined a few methods above but the best way to earn free rides involves having your friends download the app using your Lyft promo code. You both get a free Lyft ride coupon and you can utilize these rides together. A couple of our friends recently did this and we found it to be genius. One friend uses another’s Lyft promo code – the referrer will use the free ride to the bars and the other uses theirs on the way back and costs you nothing. That’s at least $50 in Lyft ride credit for simply spreading the word. Rinse and repeat with your entire friend group to earn free rides all day long!

Lyft Prices By City


New York City
The yellow cab may be popular in New York City, but does a cab company give you a free ride just for trying out their service? Definitely not! So use our Lyft promo code and you will receive your first Lyft ride code of up to $50 (in Lyft credit) and you will save money seeing the Statue of Liberty, the Lipstick Building, or swinging by Shake Shack in Central park for a peanut butter burger. Yum!

Click to see pricing

Los Angeles

Home to the stars, Los Angeles has been a tourist destination since it was founded in the 18th century. Whether you are walking down the Hollywood Walk of Fame, casting spells at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Studios, or stopping by the original home of Mickey Mouse, your free first Lyft ride will make things easier.
Click to see pricing
Home to the 2016 Super Bowl champions, make sure to stay hydrated, and Coors Brewing Company will help you do just that on one of their brewery tours. Or you can catch a fly ball at Coors Field, observe dolphins swim at the Downtown Denver Aquarium, or see the champions play at Sports Authority Field, you will be sure to have a great visit.
Click to see pricing
San Fransisco
Both Uber and Lyft were founded here, so it is no surprise that we can get you a free first Lyft ride to new riders using our Lyft promo code. Try to spot sea lions at Fisherman’s Wharf, visit gangster Al Capone’s one-time residence on Alcatraz Island, or take a cable car ride. Whatever you decide, you will not have to worry about a ride as long as you have Lyft.
Click to see pricing
Are you a history buff? Then explore the JFK Museum for a glance into the life of the 35th president of the United States. Or try Utopia, one of the most popular flavors of the Sam Adams Brewing company, who was the first company to introduce craft brews (fun fact: the guy with the long beard seen on the commercials actually brews beer in Boston every day, and you can see him on a tour). Whatever you choose, make sure to use exclusive the Lyft promo code and you will be one step closer to your destination, all without spending a dime because you have a free Lyft coupon!
Click to see pricing

Use Your Lyft Ride Bonus In Other Cities

The best part of the Lyft promo code is that you can use your free ride credit in any city you wish. After downloading the app and entering the Lyft ride coupon, your account will be credited with ride credit. Say you claim your Lyft ride code in Los Angeles and travel to Miami the next day. Your free Lyft credit travels with you! Simply request the ride and your first ride is free. It should be noted that the Lyft promo code only opens the door for promotion, but the exact amount of the bonus is city specific.

To claim your Lyft promo code, first download the app in the Google or Apple App store . Next, enter in one of the Lyft promo codes listed above. Finally, take your first Lyft ride courtesy of Rideshareowl!

What About Those Self Driving Cars?

Self driving cars are on the horizon and you can expect Lyft to make their system efficient by adding to its fleet within the next 10 years. General Motors began its own foray into the self driving car market by partnering with Lyft in a $500 million deal signed earlier this year.

The network is to be rolled out in phases, with the final phase equal to a complete ride without a driver present. The company is hopeful to roll out this master plan by 2021 and with the rate of progress they have currently achieved, they are well on their way to making the dream a reality.

Uber is rolling out similar technology and to keep market share they will have to keep offering Lyft promotion codes to new riders.

Lyft self driving car rollout timeline with 3 shades of pink for Lyft promo code feature

Lyft Coverage Maps

If you live outside a major city but still want to use a Lyft promo code you can refer to one of our helpful Lyft coverage maps below to see if you will be able to get a ride from your front door.

Lyft Coverage Maps

How Do People Use Lyft?

Sober Rides Home
There are many uses for the Lyft app. The biggest use is getting home safely, and in many cities since ride-sharing services have begun services drunk driving rates have actually gone down. MADD (mothers against drunk driving) has even partnered with both Lyft and Uber to discourage drunk driving. Lyft also teams up around holidays to give away free Lyft ride coupons through use of Lyft promo codes to alleviate DUIs. More information on responsible use of Lyft can be found here.

Airport Service With Lyft
Many airports banned Lyft service initially due to the stronghold that taxis had on the market, but now most airports across the country allow Lyft to pick up riders and give them rides from the airport, although this does not come without a fee. In San Fransisco, Lyft charges a small $3.85 surcharge in addition to the base fare to get from anywhere in the city to San Fransisco International Airport. This makes things convenient if you are a business traveler, or simply a local resident going on vacation. The fee is small, and if you are a business traveler looking for a free Lyft credits you can use our Lyft promo code to get just that!

The Good
– Provides a reliable ride in a clean and well-maintained vehicle
– Drivers are friendly and punctual
– Payment information is on file – no need to carry cash
– Company is rapidly expanding which means you can pretty much always get a ride
– Prime Time during peak demand is capped at 2x normal fare
– You can receive your first free Lyft ride credit with a Lyft promo code

The Bad
– May not be as popular as Uber in some cities
– Depending on usage, may burn through smartphone data
– No luxury car option

How Is Lyft Different Than Uber?

Lyft and Uber both utilize the concept of matching riders and drivers through a mobile app, but there are a few key differences that set Lyft apart. In our experiences, Uber drivers aim to create a more business-professional riding experience while Lyft drivers aim to create a playful, fun atmosphere. They are encouraging users to sign up with a Lyft promo code for the first Lyft ride free.

Perhaps the biggest difference is that because Lyft was founded in 2012, they are much younger than competitor Uber, which was founded in the same city in 2009. As a result, Uber tends to have more drivers on the road which can lead to a slightly longer wait if you are using Lyft.

However, last year Lyft received a large amount of private funding and continues to rapidly increase their business footprint by expanding operations past its current 65 cities in the continental United States, while Uber has expanded to over hundreds of cities in 58 countries. Lyft’s model is to capture market share from Uber by offering free Lyft ride credit for users with a Lyft promo code.

Another key difference between the two is that Uber offers a luxury car option while Lyft does not. With Uber Black, you can catch a ride in a Mercedes, BMW, or other luxury car. There has been talk that Lyft may soon offer this service, but due to the nature of the brand, it is unlikely that you will see this roll out anytime soon. If you are interested use a Lyft promo code for a free Lyft ride credit!

More Lyft Riding Options

After increasing demand, primarily in big cities, Lyft decided to take it’s already outstanding platform even further with a few new features. Not only can you ride safely and efficiently in a clean car, but you now can bring multiple friends along with Lyft Plus or carpool with other Lyft riders using Lyft Line!

Lyft Plus
Lyft Plus was created in order to build on Lyft’s already awesome platform, and it has done just that. Available nationwide, a Lyft Plus can fit up to 6 passengers and generally consist of minivans and SUVs. While pricing varies by city, you should plan to spend more on your ride than with a traditional Lyft. Something to consider, however, is the cost savings you will realize per person because you will all be able to fit into the same vehicle. And as always if you want your first Lyft ride free use the Lyft promo code or the current Lyft promotion code.

Lyft Line
Similar to ticket-spliting, Lyft Line was created out of demand for unused seats in big cities. Due to infrastructure constraints, this service is only available in Austin, Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco, and Washington, D.C., but it will also be expanded to more cities as demand spreads. If you are planning to use a Lyft promo code, this platform is not the one to use it on because the fare will be so low initially. Use your first free Lyft ride credit on the normal platform!

Split Your Lyft Ride With Friends

Do you want even more options to save money? With the Split Payment feature, you can split your fare with other riders who also have the app, given they have a valid payment method on file. If they do not, you will be charged their portion of the ride in addition to yours. If one of your friends does not have the Lyft app, then use Lyft promo code SUMMERRIDE2016 and they will receive a free Lyft ride credit! To split the payment:

  1. Select ‘Split payment’ Tap the arrow icon to expand the ride options menu
  2. Invite friends. Choose up to five friends from your Contacts list to send a split request.
  3. They accept the split. If they do not have the app skip this step and have them use a Lyft promo code for their first free Lyft ride credit

Current Cities With Lyft Service

After reviewing everything we have told you, still interested in signing up and using your Lyft promo code for your free Lyft ride credit? Well look no further because here is a list of every city in the United States in which Lyft operates, and this list continues to grow by the day!

Click to see current Lyft serviced cities

The Lyft Ride Process

After you have requested a ride , you’ll see the driver’s name, ETA, rating, picture, and type of car. Remember, your free Lyft ride credit using Lyft promo code will be credited to your account after downloading the app.

During your wait, you can add the pickup destination at the bottom of the screen. This will automatically load your location into the driver’s app before the ride starts. For Lyft rides, you can update your destination address an unlimited amount of times. For Lyft Line, the destination needs to be entered prior to seeing this screen.

If you have any questions or special requests, you can call the driver through the app via the contact button at the bottom of the screen. Upon arrival, you will receive a text message and after 1 minute of arrival, the ride will automatically begin. If you are using a free Lyft ride code make sure to tip the driver because you aren’t paying anything

Business Uses For Lyft

As Lyft gains traction, not only are people using it for personal use but businesses are also utilizing it as a resource in order to improve efficiency and keep employees happy. And now, using a Lyft promo code , you will be able to receive a free Lyft ride credit! Lyft compiled a list of alternative business uses for the app which can be found below:

Business Uses For Lyft

Personal Lyft Experience

Before I started Rideshareowl, I at one time was a new Lyft user. I downloaded the app and input a Lyft promo code to get my first Lyft ride free just like you are about to do. Since my free first Lyft ride, I have used the service often and it works out great. Lyft and Uber are competing in my city so rates have dropped which means there are less drivers on the road. Surge and Prime are almost always active even when using a free Lyft ride credit code. Therefore, we use Lyft because Prime is capped and the Lyft ride credit is only valid for $50, depends on city.

Identifying Your Lyft Driver

Lyft drivers are very identifiable and you can spot a Lyft driver from 2 things: 1) the large pink mustache on the grille of the car and 2) the sticker in the window (see below). Either of these things combined with the driver’s ETA, picture, and car type should ensure that you do not mix them up with another driver.

Pink lyft logo next to witty mustache quote for Lyft promo code

If for whatever reason you do mix up your Lyft driver with another driver, make sure to notify them immediately they you may not be their intended passenger. In this case, they may cancel their current ride and start a new ride with you. But please note, they will contact Lyft and you will likely be charged for the portion of the ride that you have already taken. And if you are using a Lyft promo code you will have wasted your free first Lyft ride so don’t make that mistake!

   Current Lyft Promotion Code

Use Lyft Promo Code: SUMMERRIDE2016

 Up to $50 in free Lyft ride credit

Rating Your Lyft Driver

After each ride, you will have the opportunity to rate your Lyft driver. If you had a good experience, feel free to give your driver positive feedback! Most times, Lyft drivers strive to get good feedback in order to maintain their driver statuses. If you had any issues with them, it is better to discuss with the driver before taking negative action on their rating.

What should factor into the star rating I give my driver?

The rating you give the driver should be based on the experience they provided you. If they were punctual, their car was clean, and they were friendly, then that would be a 5 star ride. If they were rude, the car was dirty, and they drove like Smokey and the Bandit, then they would deserve a lesser rating. However, with your frst Lyft ride free using our current Lyft promotion code, you should be more than happy to give your driver 5 stars!

You can also leave comments which are reviewed by Lyft, so make sure to leave a comment if you have additional feedback! Also, if you had an unpleasant experience and would not like to be matched with the specific driver again, you can rate them 3 stars or less and the system will automatically make sure you are never matched with that driver again.

Lyft driver rating screen for lyft driver promo code feature

Frequently Asked Questions About Lyft

I have the Uber app. Is Lyft similar?

Do I need a smartphone to ride with Lyft?

Can I split the cost with friends?

Will Lyft use my mobile phone data?

I had a good experience. What's a good tip amount?

When can I use my Lyft promo code?

Do you have any other ways to get Lyft ride credit?

What should I do if my ride does not show up?

What is the best Lyft promo code for a free Lyft ride credit?

How far is the average Lyft ride?

What does the average Lyft ride cost?

Thank you for reading our post on how to get free Lyft ride credits by using the Lyft promo code. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us at!

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