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If you are looking for a top rated Lyft driver promo code, you came to the right place. Lyft is growing quickly and works by combining Google Maps with an e-pay platform. As a result, drivers carry no cash, making the service much safer than traditional taxis. The company largely relies on huge Lyft driver invite bonuses to attract new partners, so sign up for free using our exclusive code below to start earning thousands!

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As a Lyft driver, you will meet new people and combined with a Lyft driver promo code, there is no excuse for delaying your application. Applying to receive the Lyft driver signup bonus is simple – meet the terms, follow the instructions below, and thank us later! Our users have left great feedback on the codes we provide and we are confident you will do the same.

    HUGE New Lyft Driver Bonuses

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Claiming Your Highest Rated Lyft Driver Invite Bonus

Special Consideration – The Lyft driver promos are bigger than ever but the bonus still varies by city and time of sign up. The Lyft driver promo code opens the door to receive the signup bonus, but the total amount received is city-specific, not code-specific. Keep reading for our experiences regarding the Lyft driver signup bonus and communication with current drivers. We have received plenty of user reviews verifying this!

Current Lyft Driver Promotions

Using a Lyft driver promo code will open the door for drivers to earn invite bonuses by giving a specific number of rides. The key difference is that Uber driver bonuses do not have an expiration date, while Lyft rides must be given within 30-60 days of sign up.

The Lyft referral bonus is code-specific but we have found that in new markets bonuses are between $750 and $1,000. In more developed markets bonuses are normally under $500. And with many competitors you may have the optoin to leverage your new driver status.

Lyft Driver Invite Bonus Terms

Earn big using your own Lyft driver bonus code

Every new driver is provided with a Lyft driver promo code which can be handed out to others. New drivers who apply and input this code are eligible for cash bonuses. The driver being referred must input the Lyft promo code at sign up and the terms of the Lyft driver promotion are subject to change.

Where The Lyft New Driver Promotion Is Valid

Lyft is in many cities in the continental US which means the Lyft driver signup bonus is valid in all those locations. To use the Lyft driver invite code just follow the instructions we have outlined in prior paragraphs. The Lyft new driver bonus is city-specific and any of the above codes will open the door for the bonus. If you would like to find out more, please reach out to your local in-city Lyft rep.

The Lyft driver promotion can be used to jump-start your income and if you are in a big city the ride limit is completely attainable working part-time due to constant demand. So hit the road and start working towards your Lyft driver bonus today.

What Is The Point Of The Lyft Driver Promo Code?

Lyft provides new drivers a driver promo code as an incentive for more drivers to begin driving which results in a lower wait time for riders. While the Lyft driver bonus is the same as the one offered by Uber, it does expire so make sure you hit the road at a time in which ou can give plenty of Lyft rides. Nonetheless the Lyft driver promo code is a great way to recruit new drivers and most find that the bonus is very valuable to most people. So hit the road today and claim your Lyft driver bonus!

Lyft Driver And Vehicle Requirements

Drivers will only be eligible to use a Lyft driver promo code if they meet the minimum requirements, so read on to ensure you qualify. But if you don’t qualify, don’t worry. Lyft has an affiliate program that is geared exclusively toward spreading word about the Lyft driver promo code. As a Lyft affiliate, you will receive a referral code that will pay out bonuses to new Lyft drivers just as it would if you were a driver. The Lyft referral bonuses you will receive as an affiliate range from $25 up to $1,000 and you will even receive a pink Lyft T-shirt. Please note that the Lyft affiliate program still bans users from sharing their Lyft driver referal code on paid ads or on social sites such as Reddit. However, personal social media accounts are permitted as a means to the spread word about the Lyft driver promotion code. We look up to Lyft for creating this program because they really thought about everyone who was unable to drive. If you do want to driver, please see our helpful guide below.

Lyft Driver and Vehicle Requirements

Cities With The Best Lyft Driver Bonuses

If you thought Uber was the only company with crazy sign-up bonuses, prepare to be blown away, because Lyft also has a great New Driver incentive plan. We have compiled a list of some of the best bonuses currently offered, but only if you use one of the Lyft driver promo codes above.

Map of the United States with Lyft prices for Lyft driver promo code feature

Red Sox fans are notoriously dedicated to their home team; almost as dedicated as Lyft is to massive driver bonuses. When you sign up today you can receive a whopping $400 with our Lyft driver promo code, so sign up now and begin taking riders to places like Freedom Trail, Boston Common, and Bunker Hill!

Washington DC
Last but not least, Washington DC made this list for obvious reasons. Whether you are shuttling tourists to the Thomas Jefferson Memorial, National Air and Space Museum, or picking up politicians from K street, we are certain that there is no lack of demand. In fact, demand is so great that Lyft is giving $300 to new drivers using our exclusive Lyft driver promo code– so sign up now!

New Orleans
Want to put $250 in your pocket? Then sign up to be a Lyft Driver in New Orleans and use our Lyft driver promo code. Whether you are picking up riders in the French Quarter, Saint’s fans at Mercedes-Benz Stadium, or ensuring partygoers are getting home safely from Mardi Gras, you are sure to always remain in high demand as a driver!

New York City
Picking up passengers at La Guardia in New York City for destinations like the Empire State Building, Central Park, or to see where 2016 Presidential candidate Donald Trump lives, we just sweetened the deal with a $250 bonus when you sign up as a Lyft driver and use our Lyft driver promo code. As one of the most popular cities to visit, we are confident you will remain constantly busy.

Lake Tahoe
Located in the Sierra Nevada, Lake Tahoe is home to Squaw Valley Ski Resort, Lake Tahoe, and Eagle Lake. Known for its beauty, travelers flock to this vacation destination year round. It’s hard to beat the beautiful scenery, but Lyft has managed to do so with a beautiful $250 bonus when you sign up to drive now using out Lyft driver promo code!

City Specific Lyft Bonuses

What Is Lyft?

According to Wikipedia, Lyft was founded in 2012 in San Francisco and operates in 195 U.S. cities with plans to soon expand into international markets. As of January 2016, Lyft had raised private equity funding from Carl Icahn, Rakuten, Coatue Management, Alibaba, Andreessen Horowitz (who just sold their shares in the company, Fortress, Third Point, Founders Fund, and many more! Expanding rapidly, new drivers using a Lyft driver promo code can earn huge bonuses!

Get a ride in minutes with cartoon car for Lyft driver invite code feature

Lyft was even given a day of it’s own when San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee made July 13 as Lyft day. The service’s popularity had grown its revenue by 5 times as of 2014. Although competitors Uber and Haxi are growing, Lyft continues to be a major player in the ride sharing world. While competing with Uber has proven to be great for rates, they also recruit new drivers using Lyft driver promo codes and this strategy has paid off majorly.

Lyft Coverage Maps

Lyft Insurance Overview

Lyft wants to make sure you are covered as a driver and provides you with a rockstar Lyft driver insurance policy. Even while using a Lyft driver promo code you are still covered!

Driver mode/ app off – Your personal Policy covers you until accepting a ride
Driver mode on (driver coverage enroute to ride) – up to $50k/person (bodily injury), up to $100k/ accident (bodily injury), up to $25k/ accident (property damage)
Driver mode on (during ride) – up to $1 million/ occurance Auto Liability, up to $50k/ accident comprehensive coverage (w/ $2500 deductible)

Lyft insurance overview for Lyft driver promo code feature

How Much Will I Make As A Lyft Driver?

The great thing about driving for Lyft is that your earnings are completely uncapped. After you receive your Lyft new driver bonus by using the Lyft driver promo code, you can make a lot of money. You are your own boss so you set your own hours. Lyft sticks by their argument that on a busy night you can make up to $35 an hour, and on holidays you can make even more (i.e. New Years Eve). Pricing varies by city, but below is an example fare structure.

Base Charge $2.50
Cancel Penalty $10.00
Cost Minimum $8.00
Cost Per Mile $1.79
Cost Per Minute $0.35
Trust And Service Fee $0.00
Toll Fares Variable

For example, if you give a ride in New York City, you will make no less than $8.00 on the ride, although the average ride will cost more. Lyft will take 20% of the total Fare to account for the cost of insurance, maintaining the app, etc. Lyft does not take a cut of the Lyft driver promo codes bonuses though. All other earnings through your Lyft driver invite code are not subject to the Lyft 20% fee.

You can expect to pay anywhere from 15% up to 40% of your income to the government, so make sure to factor that in when tax time comes around. Also, you will be taxed on any cash bonuses as well, including the new Lyft driver signup bonus using a new Lyft driver promo code. Here’s an interesting breakdown of ridesharing drivers from our friends over at Nerdwallet. Click the picture below for the full article.

Lyft driver earnings for Lyft driver promo code feature

How Will I Get Paid By Lyft?

During the sign up process, you will enter in your tax information along with a bank account into which Lyft will deposit your earnings via ACH direct deposit on a weekly basis; you will also receive a weekly earnings summary via email each week summarizing your driver and non-driver compensation such as referrals. As is everything concerning Lyft, the payment process is easy, secure and convenient! If you sign up using a Lyft driver promo code, you will be eligible for a new driver signup bonus of up to $1,000!

Pros And Cons Of Driving With Lyft

The Good

– The Lyft brand is well known and expanding; great sign up bonuses!
– Riders pay electronically so there is no need to carry cash
– Lyft app is very easy to use
– Earn up to 1,000 with a new Lyft driver promo code

The Bad

– Depending on your wireless plan, you may use more data than normal
– Prime Time is capped at 2x base fare
– Put miles on your car which can add to depreciation expenses


Lyft driver application steps for Lyft driver promo code feature

Become a Lyft driver is a very easy and efficient process. First, you will need to fill out the application using the link below, at which time you will input your vehicle information (make sure to have your VIN number ready!), license information, and consent to a background check. These items will take approximately 1-2 days for review and approval at the Lyft offices, and once you are approved you will set up a mentor session. Also make sure to input a Lyft driver promo code to receive your Lyft new driver bonus!

When I signed up for Lyft I found the mentor process to be very informative and well thought out, and I thought the guide was very helpful and in most cases your mentor will give you their contact information so you can reach out should any questions arise once you begin driving. Again, it’s very important to enter in your Lyft driver promo code at signup so you get proper credit for rides taken and get your Lyft driver bonus.

  1. Fill out an application at and input a Lyft driver promo code
  2. Schedule a Mentor Session
  3. Start driving!


1. Prepare your car
– One of the most important steps, you need to clean your car as if it was you going for a ride

2. Schedule a Mentor Session
– Next, you will need to set up a meeting with your  mentor when the last page of the application prompts you to do so
– Your schedule request will be sent to your local mentor, who will then contact you with further steps. If you have not applied yet make sure to do so with a Lyft driver promo code
– Need to reschedule? No worries! They are very flexible

3. Meet your mentor in person at the pre-determined time convenient for you
– Your mentor will conduct a visual 19-point vehicle inspection, conduct a test ride for practice, and answer any questions you may have.

After the Mentor Session
After the mentor session is conducted, Lyft will finish running your background check and will complete the application process. After you get an email saying you are able to drive, you will receive a package in the mail with a welcome kit, including a mustache, window sticker, welcome guide, and much more. You are now free to begin making money using your Lyft driver signup code!


After increasing demand, primarily in big cities, Lyft decided to take it’s already outstanding platform even further with a few new features. Not only can you ride safely and efficiently in a clean car, but you now can bring multiple friends along with Lyft Plus or carpool with other Lyft riders using Lyft Line!

Lyft Plus
As discussed above, Lyft Plus is a large version of the traditional Lyft. If your car has up to 7 total seats, you may qualify! The benefit of a Lyft Plus is that you will make 1.5x a normal fare and may even get better tips because of the increased passenger load. The good news is that if you sign up to drive for Lyft using a Lyft driver promo code you will be eligible to receive a cash bonus!

Lyft Line
Currently in Austin, Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, San Francisco, and Washington, D.C., and Boston, Lyft Line essentially splits the ticket with two or more interested riders. Using this service is completely at the discretion of the passenger and does not affect the driver’s fare in any way. Lyft Line drivers are also eligible to receive a new Lyft driver bonus if they sign up with any Lyft driver promo code listed above.


After you sign up with the Lyft driver promo code you will receive a packet in the mail with two stickers (see below). Put these on your windshield and your passengers will identify you by these. They should know what you car looks like as well. So now you can give rides that count toward the Lyft driver signup bonus! Please note that if you are getting a bonus through the Lyft driver promo code, each rider only counts as 1 ride. So if you see the same rider twice that won’t count.

Lyft logo against pink background next to witty saying and cartoon mustache for Lyft driver promo code feature

Cities in which you must display Lyft emblem while driving


Airports have been a hot point for Lyft and Uber but most cities are easing up their regulations and addition a small fee to cover the costs of airport operations. For example, in San Francisco Lyft charges an additional $3.85 fee to the entire ride cost to go to an airport. The low additional cost makes Lyft a great option for business travelers and vacationers alike.


If you are a current driver looking for a Lyft promo code, unfortunately no such thing exists. However, we aim to be your ultimate ride sharing resource so we have followed through with some creative ways to earn yourself free rides. We have also included some great limited time promotions that Lyft offers for new and existing drivers to help you make even more money!

Refer friends to Lyft for Lyft driver promotion bonus feature


The best way to get a free ride is to have a friend download the Lyft app. You know how to use it, so you will be able to quickly walk them through the process. And when you use exclusive promo code SUMMERRIDE2016 they will be auto


Upon entry to certain cities, Lyft will run a limited time promotion that guarantees weekly income of a certain amount. Rideshareowl is not aware of any current promotions of this nature, but you can bet we will post them on this page as soon as one becomes available.

If you would like more information on this limited promotion, you can see the fine print below.

The Fine Print


If you have already signed up with exclusive Lyft driver promo code RICHWITHLYFT and received your cash bonus, you may be wondering if you can generate income in addition to your ride earnings. The answer is yes!

Lyft offers a great double-sided driver referral if you refer a new driver with your own unique Lyft driver invite code. These cash bonuses range from $25 to $1,000 based on the city and the fine print can be found on the Lyft website here.

Here a few ideas for spreading word about your code and the new driver bonus:

Have business cards made
There are many websites such as VistaPrint that have great intro specials that allow you to print multiple business cards inexpensively and increase awareness of your Lyft driver referral code

Social Media
Lyft encourages you to promote your own unique Lyft driver code as long as it is on YOUR OWN social media account or personal blog

Word of mouth
Tell your friends and riders! There is no better way to spread awareness about your Lyft driver referral code than by word of mouth. From our experience, rider’s ears tend to perk up when they hear $1,000 bonus just for signing up and hitting the road!

The Fine Print


Your unique driver code can be used to refer both drivers and passengers. Lyft is all about efficiency and they have you taken care of when referring new passengers as well! If someone you know or meet does not have the Lyft app, they can download it and as long as they input a payment method and take their first ride, you will receive a cash payment along with your weekly earnings.

Many riders use the same steps as we described above to increase awareness about their rider code, and again, the word free has never failed to peak anyone’s interest!

Uber and Lyft logos next to each other on gunmetal background for current Uber promotion feature

The Fine Print


If you want to make extra money and Lyft is not keeping you busy enough, you should look into driving for Uber! The concept is the exact same- to match riders and drivers buy using a mobile app. Uber has been around longer and this has given it a chance to expand quicker than Lyft, so you may find that there is more demand for Uber! Plus, neither company prohibits you to drive for both companies which is a plus for you.

We dedicated an entire write up for those interested in an Uber Driver Promo Code and we suggest you check it out. In fact, if you sign up now by clicking the picture below and use code UBERON2016 you will be eligible to receive a cash bonus of up to $1,000!


Aiming to be the most efficient and safest ride in the rideshare game, Lyft has put in a great check system to make sure riders and drivers get to their destination safely.

Critical Response Line
Lyft has created a trust and safety team strictly to ensure major incidents are isolated. If you feel threatened in any way, first call 911 or your local non-emergency assistance line. Then update Lyft with the situation at the Critical Response Line at 855-865-9553.

DMV and Background Checks
To ensure rider safety, Lyft conducts a large background check on every single driver that applies. This background check covers the last 7 years and screens for violent crimes, sexual offenses, drug convictions, and all of these things are screened at both the state federal level. You can rest assured that even with a Lyft driver promo code, the driver will not be a criminal

Zero-Tolerance Policy
Lyft has an absolutely no alcohol policy, so if you think your Lyft driver is intoxicated or under the influence, email Lyft or call (855) 865-9553.

Two-way Ratings
With the Lyft rating system, both driver and rider rate each other after ever ride.  If you rate someone 3 stars or below, you’ll never be matched with them again and conversely if they rate you 3 stars or below they will never be matched with you.


If you want to use your Lyft driver signup code you have to give the set amount of rides before a month is up. This amount depends by city but Lyft signup bonuses have crept back up toward the high end we have seen in the past. In order to qualify for a Lyft new driver bonus you cannot be a current Lyft driver. Please contact your local Lyft rep with any further questions on the Lyft driver signup bonus specific to your city.


Earnings Summary
In the Driver Dashboard, you will receive both a daily and weekly driver summary detailing how much you have made, including all earnings from the Lyft driver bonus. This is calculated from 5am-5pm every day and details the ride time, earnings, and distance. You will also get a weekly summary of the same nature.

If you drive more than 30 hours weekly and at least 10 during Prime Time, you will receive a 10% bonus on all base fares with the Lyft Power Driver bonus. For a 20% bonus, you must drive over 50 hours. This also does not factor in bonuses from the Lyft driver promo code and Lyft driver invite code.

Power Driver bonuses are bonuses for dependable Lyft drivers and are based upon the number of hours driven in a week.

Your earnings summary will pull your earnings from Monday through Sunday every week including all trips and earnings from the Lyft driver promo code.

During peak demand times, Lyft will give a bonus called Prime Time which is a multiple of the base fare and will be displayed in a heat map on the main screen. Passengers will be charged this increased rate. In some cases, Lyft will guarantee the bonus and you will receive a notification if this is the case.


If you want to drive for Lyft but have an SUV or Minivan then you should know about Lyft Plus. Typically popular in bigger cities, this program uses the same app but you will receive more money to cover your increased expenses. If you happen to have two cars, you can also add the second car to your profile and switch off!

Lyft Plus Vehicle Requirements
To qualify for Lyft Plus, your vehicle must meet the typical requirements listed in the Requirements section above, but must also have a total of 7 seatbelts (1 for you and 6 for your riders). That’s it! And you stil qualify for the Lyft driver signup bonus too!

Fares cost 1.5x more than a normal base fare, but while you are in active driver mode you will only receive a Lyft Plus request if there is demand for it. Otherwise, the app will send you normal Lyft requests as well.

How to add a second vehicle in the app
Go to the Lyft app and under Settings, select vehicle and then add vehicle
 – Submit the requested documents
– In less than 24 hours, the Lyft team will review and approve your request
– If you are a new driver make sure to enter a Lyft driver invite code above

Cartoon car driving around Lyft logo for new Lyft driver invite bonus feature


As a Lyft driver, you have the right to refuse entry if a passenger appears to be too drunk or is acting aggressive. That’s your right as a Lyft driver. Even if they use a Lyft promo code, they cannot enter your vehicle if you do not give them permission. If someone appears to be too intoxicated, simply cancel the ride, tell them you have done so (and give them a reason why), and move along. If they block your car in, call the authorities and keep your car locked and windows up. Just keep in mind that you should always give yourself an out and park in an open space in case you do get blocked in. Make sure to inform Lyft of the incident later.


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How does pay work?
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Where should my passenger sit?
Do I need to provide anything for my riders?
Who should I go to with questions?
I got a new car. Do I have to notify Lyft?
Can I have a friend ride along with me?
I want to increase my earnings as a Lyft driver. Anything I can do?
Somebody threw up in my car. Do I let Lyft know?
Do I need to have insurance?
I lost my phone. Can I still drive?
How often do you update the Lyft driver promo code list?
I picked up the wrong passenger. What do I do now?
What if the person who hopped in my car doesn't have the app?
I got in an accident. What now?
How do taxes work?
Do I have a set schedule?
Does Lyft take a cut of the fare?
Do you have another Lyft driver promo code?

We hope you have found our article on driving for Lyft informative and remember that when you enter a Lyft driver promo code at signup you will be eligible for a Lyft driver signup bonus of up to $1,000! If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to reach us at!

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