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If you are a current driver looking for a Lyft driver promo code, unfortunately no such thing exists. However, we aim to be your ultimate ride sharing resource so we have followed through with some creative ways to earn yourself free rides. We have also included some great limited time promo codes for existing Lyft drivers to help you make even more money!

Uber and Lyft logos against black background for Lyft promo code for existing driver featureRideshareowl exists solely to provide information to riders and drivers of the ridesharing community. We have multiple years of experience as a group, and we seek to bring you the knowledge we have gathered through trial and error over the years. Below we have compiled some of the best ways that an existing Lyft driver can either increase their earnings or earn free Lyft rides using our best Lyft promo codes for existing drivers, and our Lyft promo codes.

What is Lyft?

Lyft is a ride sharing service that matches passengers and drivers via a mobile app and all payment is processed electronically. According to Wikipedia, Lyft services over 195 cities in the United States and with plans to expand internationally by 2017, Lyft will be Uber’s biggest competitor. As of the beginning of 2016, Lyft had raised more than $2 billion from investors such as Andreessen Horowitz, General Motors, Third Point, Carl Icahn, and more. Founded in 2012 by Logan Green and George Zimmer, the service began as Zimride and sought to connect riders and drivers to make a commute to a different city similar to a carpool. However, there proved to be additional demand for in-town service, particularly in San Francisco, which is where Lyft was formed.

Lyft seeks to be the safest ride in town. Therefore, all drivers are screened for personal criminal history, including a background check that goes back seven years and includes national and county databases, sex offender registries, and the Department of Motor Vehicles databases. In addition to the background screening, all Lyft drivers undergo an in-person interview with a Lyft Mentor to verify suitability, must be 21 years old, and must have had a driver license for over 1 year. There is a zero tolerance drug and alcohol policy that is strictly enforced.


  • From the time the app is on until termination of app use, Lyft provides a contingent comprehensive collision coverage up to $50,000 after a $2,500 deductible
  • From app turn on until driver accepts a ride request, the Lyft insurance policy provides contingent liability coverage up to $50,000 per person with $100,000 per accident and $25,000 property damage
  • While the ride is started until ride end, uninsured and underinsured motorist coverage up to $1 million applies


Click to see current Lyft serviced cities


Many airports banned Lyft service initially due to the stronghold that taxis had on the market, but now most airports across the country allow Lyft to pick up riders and give them rides from the airport, although this does not come without a fee. In San Francisco, Lyft charges a small $3.85 surcharge in addition to the base fare to get from anywhere in the city to San Francisco International Airport. This makes things convenient if you are a business traveler, or simply a local resident going on vacation.


If you know someone who does not have the Lyft app, refer them using your Lyft referral code and they receive a $50 Lyft credit while you receive a cash bonus up to $20!


Lyft guarantees promotions for new drivers in new markets to encourage new drivers to sign up. While these promotions are very tough to complete, the fine print for those who are curious can be found here. Please note that this cannot be combined with the Lyft new driver signup bonus.


So you have already cashed in your Lyft driver signup bonus, and you are now looking for another way to increase income. You are in luck because we have just the thing for a Lyft promo code existing driver – use a double-sided referral! If you refer a new driver and they use a Lyft driver promo code existing driver code, you will receive up to $1000 and they will also receive the same amount! These are tough, so read the fine print here. We have compiled a couple creative ideas to spread the word about your code:

Use your biggest asset – your own self to promote your code! Tell your family and friends and anyone you give a ride to – it’ll pay off big time

Business cards are small and can be left on any coffee shop table, bar stool, or just handed out to people you know! Make sure to put your Lyft driver referral code on the front though.

If you are living in the 21st century you likely have social media accounts. So why not spread word about your Lyft driver promo code on there? Just make sure you don’t pay for advertising or else you will not be eligible for the new Lyft driver bonus


Each time you use your Lyft driver promo code to refer a new passenger, you receive $20 and they receive up to $50 in free Lyft ride credit. Why not increase earnings by just talking to your captive audience – passengers? It works every time!


If you meet the requirements to drive for Lyft and have exhausted all your options with the Lyft driver promo code then turn to Uber! Uber is pretty much the same app but in more cities and they also have great new driver bonuses! Click the picture below to get started through our new Uber driver guide!


And receive up to $750 as a new Uber driver bonus! Click below to see our new Uber driver guide and Uber driver promo code!

Prius with money flying out the window for Uber Driver Promo Code Feature
*Note – it is VERY IMPORTANT you use promo code UBERON2016 in the “invite code” section, or else you will not receive the limited time referral bonus


We hope our guide to increasing your earnings using a Lyft promo code for existing users was helpful, and if you have any further questions please feel free to contact us at!

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