woman beats uber driver with bat

According to ABC News, On Sunday, an Evanston Illinois woman was arrested for beating an Uber driver with a baseball bat. The 27 year old driver parked his car just after 7pm and was waiting for a rider when a van pulled up behind him and was blocked in by the driver. After a small exchange of words, 19 year old Myesha Griffin pulled a bat out of the van and began to hit the side mirror of the driver’s car.

When the van driver attemped to flee, the Uber driver held onto the driver side window of the van and was dragged down the street. Griffin allegedly exited the van after it came to a stop and began beating the driver with the basebll bat.

The driver was hospitalized and now Griffin faces aggravated battery and damage to property, which is a criminal charge. Now we are just wondering if the rider got to their destination on time.

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