Current Uber Promotions For 2016

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If you currently drive for Uber and are looking for a free Uber code, you came to the right place! Rideshareowl has only the most current Uber promotions. Being your ultimate rideshare resource, rideshareowl also has Uber driver promotions and ways to get you free Uber ride credit!

Uber and Lyft logos against black background for current Uber promotions featureCurrent Uber Promotions

At rideshareowl we strive to bring you the best current Uber promotions and we have delivered! Whether you are looking for an Uber driver promo code or an Uber free ride credit code, we have only the best current Uber promotions. There are two current Uber promotion: Your first Uber ride free and also a HUGE Uber driver sign up bonus. Both are current and though the amount varies by city our codes are the best and always updated daily!

Huge Uber New Driver Bonus

One of the best current Uber promotions is the new driver bonus. When Uber enters a new market they will give out bonuses (which have sometimes hit up to $1,000). The current Uber promotions vary by city but you can bet we have the best codes here! For a limited time, use our current Uber promo code for a huge cash sign up bonus. Click the link below to get started! Make sure to enter the current Uber driver promotions code at sign up!

    Huge Uber New Driver Bonus

Use Uber promo code: UBERON2016


Free First Uber Ride

By far the second best current Uber promotion is the $50 ride credit. If you are a new Uber user and download the app with our current Uber promotion code, you are eligible for a $50 first free ride! The ride is automatically credited to your account and you can be sure we always have the most current Uber promo codes!

How To Earn Free Uber Rides
Earn free Uber rides by referring friends to download Uber! As a driver you will receive between $5 and $20 for each new Uber rider you refer using your current Uber driver promo code! If you use your Uber driver promo code to refer a new driver, you can receive up to $1,000 when they hit a set number of rides! This total amount depends on the city signup occurs and also the current Uber promotion codes for that city.

At any time, you can check how many free rides you have by tapping “free rides” in the home screen.

Please note – you can only share your referral code via non-promoted means. For example, you cannot take out a Facebook Ad to use your code because that means it was promoted and you paid to display it across Facebook. However, you may share your code on your own personal Facebook page, given you do not pay to display it.

When To Use Your Free Uber Ride
Your free ride will automatically be applied to the next ride you take. If you split the fare, however, you will not be able to use your code until the following ride.

Once your free ride is credited to your account, there is no way to turn off the automatic application feature.

    Free First Uber Ride

Use Uber promo code: ANDREW2101


Frequently Asked Questions About The Current Uber Promotions

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We appreciate you taking the time out of your day to check out our site. If you have any questions about using our current Uber driver promo code or want more information on the current Uber promotions, feel free to email us at! And also keep in mind we have free Lyft codes in the current Lyft promotion section above!

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