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If you are looking for current Lyft promotions or Lyft driver promotions you came to the right place! Want to earn up to $1,000 in a Lyft driver promotion bonus? The read on! You can also learn more about earning free ride credit up to $50 with our current Lyft promotions page!

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There are a few current Lyft promotions for the Spring of 2016. The best Lyft driver promotion is a sign up bonus up to $1,000. Depending on the city you are in, you can receive a huge cash bonus using our Lyft driver promo code. Please note that while these current Lyft promotions vary by city, the driver bonuses have been increasing recently in an effort to compete with Uber. We have seen Lyft driver bonuses range from $50 all the way up to $1,000! The best current Lyft promotions are below so continue reading!


If you currently drive for Uber but would like to make additional cash, you should consider driving for Lyft. Most Uber drivers also sign up to drive for Lyft, and there is nothing in the rules saying you can’t drive for both! To sweeten the deal, when you sign up to drive for Lyft, you will be eligible to receive up to a $1,000 new driver bonus when you use our Lyft driver promo code. This current Lyft promotion won’t last long, so click the picture below to get started! Our current Lyft promotions are just a short scroll down!

Founded in 2012, Logan Green and John Zimmer sought to rival 2009 startup Uber who has received over $2 billion in private funding to expand operations. Since inception, Lyft has proved to be a large competitor for Uber and although is only available in the United States, will soon be expanding its services overseas. As with the current Uber promotions, Lyft is also expanding! With some crazy current Lyft promotions you are sure to thank us later!

Lyft’s mobile application is similar to Uber in functionality; a user requests a ride through the app and Lyft’s dispatching software sends the request to the nearest driver. After completion of the ride, the user is able to pay via an electronic payment method on file and the rates the driver. Just as you would use a current Uber promo code, you will do the same with Lyft’s code.

Lyft continues to rapidly expand and is showing no signs of slowing down. In their latest round of funding, they received $500 million from General Motors to begin testing on autonomous vehicles. Many in the transportation believe that driverless cars will become the transportation of the future, and with practically unlimited funding it appears that only the sky is the limit.  Again, Lyft is seeking to match the current Uber promotions so sign up now while the driver bonuses are still huge! The current Lyft promotions are just a quick scroll down!


Again, driving for Lyft is very similar to driving for Uber, but there is just one key difference in the requirements – the vehicle age. Another difference is that Lyft does not have as many riding options as Uber (i.e. Uber black, UberPlus, UberLUX, etc). However, we have found the demand for these higher-end services is not usually as great as demand for more basic services, so this won’t be detrimental to the driving experience. If you have seen the current Uber promotions then you know the requirements, which are usually the same for Lyft.

Lyft Driver Requirements
– Drivers must undergo a background check
– 21 years old with valid driver license
– Hold car insurance policy under driver’s name

Lyft Vehicle Requirements
– Have 4 doors
– 2004 or newer
– All features must function properly (horn, seatbelts, lights, etc)
– Clean title. No salvage
– In-state plates
– Pass mentor session inspection

    Lyft Driver Signup Bonus Up To $1,000

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If you currently drive for another ridesharing service and want more, we have current Lyft promotions! If you download the Lyft app using the Lyft promo code you will receive a free ride up to $50! This is the other best current Lyft promotion and brought to you exclusively by!

How To Use Lyft
Using the Lyft app is very similar to using Uber, except as a Lyft driver you only need one app, whereas Uber has a rider and driver app. All payment is handled through the app, and you can rate the rider and driver just like Uber. However, the nice thing about Lyft is that riders are allowed to tip through the app, which means more earnings for you!

Request – Set location in the home screen and request the driver
Ride – The Lyft driver will pick you up from the location previously selected and take you wherever you would like
Pay – All payment is processed through the app, so once your ride is completed you will select your preferred method and pay through an electronic means. And if you use our current Lyft promotion code you will get there for free!

    Lyft Ride Credit Up To $50

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According to Wikipedia, Lyft was founded in 2009 as an alternative to traditional ground transportation. Logan Green and George Zimmer had an idea to match drivers using their own personal vehicles with riders looking for rides in order to provide a dependable, efficient riding solution. As of today, Lyft is in over 195 cities, including its home base of San Fransisco. Here is a list of all available Lyft cities – check to see if you are in a city which offers free rides!

How Lyft Works
HOW LYFT WORKS The Lyft app is extremely easy to use and involves only three steps: request, ride, and pay! The goal is to make the riding process as easy as possible.
Request – Request the ride by opening the app and setting pickup location
Ride – The friendly Lyft driver will come to your location in their own personal vehicle promptly, and you will be able to track their progress through a real-time ETA feature on your app
Pay – By using the card you have on file from when you set up the account, you will be able to pay your base fare and even tip the driver if you so choose. That’s it!
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I Used A Current Lyft Promotion Code – Now What?

Once you have used your current Lyft promotion code, you may be wondering if there are any other promotions. Fortunately, yes! Check out the list our awesome staff at RSO have compiled and see how you can increase your earnings as a Lyft driver.


Chances are you have a friend who does not have the Lyft app. Have them download the app, use the current Lyft promotion code and they will receive a free ride good for up to $50! Please note this ride is only good for up to 14 days and is only valid after entering in a valid payment method. This is the best and most unofficial current Lyft promo and there is no limit to the amount of people referred!


A nice feature of the Lyft app is the “split payment” feature. Using this handy feature allows you to equally split your fare with other riders that both have the app and are willing to shoulder some of the ride cost. Although not a current Lyft promotion, it technically acts as one. If only some of your friends have the app, then see above! We have exclusive access codes for you. If you all have the app and want to share the cost of the ride, take the following steps:

1. Select ‘Split payment’ Tap the arrow icon to expand the ride options menu
2. Invite friends. Choose up to five friends from your Contacts list to send a split request
3. They accept the split.


Driving for Lyft is the quickest way to make money. You can read more about driving for Lyft here, but we will lay out a few basic points below. But using one of our current Lyft promotion codes above you’ll be happy you did!


First and foremost, Lyft wants to ensure that all drivers are properly qualified, competent, and safe. To ensure this, all drivers must meet the requirements set forth by Lyft. All applicants must pass a background check that screens the last 7 years for criminal activity, sex offender registries, state and local DMV records, as well as a few other criteria. And remember to use a current Lyft promotion code at signup!

Lyft Driver Requirements
– Pass a background check
– Have a valid Driver License and be at least 21 years of age
– Must have auto insurance policy (coverage varies by city) with driver’s name clearly listed on the insurance policy

Lyft Vehicle Requirements
– Vehicle must have 4 functioning doors
– Vehicle must be 2004 or newer, specific to your city
– Air conditioning, heater, windshield wipers, turn signals and lights must all function properly
– Must have a clean title (i.e. no salvage or rebuilt)
– Must have in-state license plates
– Pass a 19 point vehicle inspection during the mentoring session


Pay varies by city, driving time, and tip amounts, but some drivers can make up to $100k/year! The great thing about driving for Lyft is that you are your own boss. As a contractor for Lyft, there are no minimum driving quotas and all pay is uncapped, meaning you can earn as much as you would like as long as you are willing to put in the time! An average Lyft driver can make up to $35/hour, but that is variable based on the city, hour worked, etc. And the current Lyft promotion code will ensure you increase those earnings even more! Lyft Prime Time is the fare multiple that is applied to a rider’s fare around peak driving times. Lyft breaks down the finer details of this, but we have found that the best times to drive for Lyft are evening and after bar close on weekends, and afternoon/early evening on weekdays. And to sweeten the deal if you use a current Lyft promotion code you will get some awesome bonuses!

Thank you for reading our article on the current Lyft promotions. We hope you can use this knowledge of current Lyft driver promotions and also current Lyft promotions, if you have questions feel free to contact us at!

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